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Thank you to SA Fishing Co for providing me with these Face Shields in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine. 

There's no questioning that in the United States, we are still struggling and battling the Coronavirus. While it might seem to be a very touchy subject for a lot of people, especially the topic of masks, my family has chosen to continue to wear them whether or not there is a mask mandate for our area. Not only am I a blogger, but I work part-time in the health care industry and my husband is an aircraft mechanic. We are both around a lot of people on a daily basis and we both of us are required to wear masks while on the job. Now, my company is very strict with what we wear, and they provide KN95 masks and clear face shields and gowns for us to wear. However, my husband's company is a little more lax on the type of face covering that they require of them to wear. They have each been given two, cloth masks, that are fairly uncomfortable to wear. One issue is, we are both considered plus size and most masks are not made for plus size people. They become tight and uncomfortable, putting a strain on our ears, and pressure on our noses, making it very hard to breathe. While I am more comfortable wearing KN95 masks at work for 8-12 hrs a day, my husband had opted for a different style and decided he liked gaiters better. 

We purchased several gaiters online, only to quickly realize that not all gaiters are made equally. Some were so tight that he couldn't get them over his head, others were so loose that they would roll right down off of his face, causing him to constantly tug and pull at the gaiter. Some were completely made for hunting and came with holes in them, which were not advertised, and we knew they'd be a no-go. I kept looking online and one company that continued to pop-up on my social media feeds, online searches, and more was SA Fishing Co. My hubby went online to check them out, and he really liked what he saw. So after reaching out to them, they were kind enough to send us some of their face shields to try out, and my hubby could not wait to receive them! 

Once they arrived and we unwrapped them, we decided to run them through the delicate cycle and air dry them. After they were dry, he was like a kid on Christmas, looking through all of the cool designs and colors and not knowing which one to try on first. After making his decision, and putting it on, his first comment was, "Wow, I can breathe in this!" He did mention that they are a lot tighter than most of his other gaiters, but he actually preferred it this way because he knew that they were going to stay in place and not roll or fall down. He tried on several different ones to make sure that they were all going to fit similarly and he was not disappointed and was eager to wear one to work the next day.

After wearing the SA Fishing Co face shield for 8hrs, he came home and was happy to report that it was so comfortable, easy to wear and breathe in, it didn't make him hot and sweaty and his work friends kept asking him where he got it from. He has been wearing them for a few weeks now and has nothing but good things to say about them. He hardly wears his other gaiters and pretty much exclusively wears the ones from SA Fishing Co. He also brought up a great point as we were talking about how much he's enjoying them and the amount of use he's getting out of them. We are a Jeep family, and we enjoy taking the top off and going on rides. One thing we hope to do soon is hit some mountain trails or go out to the sand dunes. These face shields will be perfect for keeping our faces covered and protecting us from the sun, dirt, and sand! Now I'm excited to go out and hit the trails because the styles for women are so cute! 

Another thing that I really like about SA Fishing is that they have amazing prices and always have a promo sale going on. They have face shields for the whole family, even the dog, and they come with a lifetime warranty! While SA Fishing Co does mention that their tubular face shields are not manufactured to stop the spread of bacteria or viruses, they are still considered a face covering. In our household, we couldn't be happier with them, and have so many different plans for how we can and will use them! Look out mountains and trails, here we come! 

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