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Puppy Happiness is a Kong Subscription Box


Thank you to Kong for sending us this fantastic Kong Box to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own! 

Last year, after our beloved Buddy passed away, we rescued our pittie mix, Luna. She's such a blessing to our family, but the girl is a hot mess, lol. She's so much fun and has so much energy and has a constant need for active engagement. She loves to be outside and chase all of the squirrels, run along side the fence with the neighbor's dog, and play with our other dog, Diesel. While I do work at home most days, I also work outside of the home on the weekends, and my husband does sometimes, as well. This means that the pups are on their own for about three hours, which is plenty of time for Luna to get bored and find things to destroy. 

At first, she would destroy shoes, so we moved them to where she couldn't reach them. Then it was anything wood, baseboards, dresser legs, the buffet legs, so we covered them with fabric to divert her, but we wanted to offer her an appropriate option to chew on. While she has access to bones, we wanted her to have more toys that are safe for her to play with and chew on without needing supervision. That's where the Kong Box comes in. Kong has provided a way for our pups to get the toys and treats they deserve straight to your mailbox, without leaving the safety and social distance of our homes! 

When signing up for your box, you'll be asked a few simple questions: 

Dog's Name

You're Email

When You Celebrate Their Birthday

Dog's Age

Their Size

If They Need Help With Any Behaviors

And Frequency of Box Subscription: Month to Month-$39.95 a box, 6 boxes-$34.95 a box, 12 boxes-$29.95 a box. All are billed per box. 

For Luna, since inappropriate chewing is an issue, we stated she needed help in this area and we hoped for the best. Now, we're no strangers to the Kong Brand, and they tend to be some of our dog's favorite toys and treats, like their Wubba, which Luna and Diesel love to shake, toss around and play tug of war with. So when our box arrived, the dogs seemed to know that it was for them! They sniffed and licked the box while I was photographing it and they waited very impatiently, lol, for me to open it for them. 

With the box now opened, I was ecstatic to see what was in our box! We received a Kong Goodie Bone, Kong Classic, Kong Squeakair, Kong Stuff'N, Kong Ziggies, and Kong Bites. There was so much in this box, I couldn't believe it, and the dogs couldn't wait to see for themselves. After cutting all tags off of the toys and treats, I let them investigate each item in the box. Luna immediately went for the Squeakair tennis ball. Diesel, however, was most interested in the treats, however, he is allergic to chicken, so he could only try out the Sweet Potato Stuff'N. 

I quickly filled the Kong Classic with the Stuff'N and he went to town on it, which was great because it got Luna interested in it. After he had his way with the treat, she took to it and began to lick and chew on it, rolling it all over the yard and chasing it. It took them bot a little bit of time to want to play with the Goodie Bone, but again, once one was interested in it, the other followed suit pretty quickly. The Ziggies are treats that are meant to fit into the Kong Classic, but ours were not the correct size for the Classic, but, we still made it work and Luna had a blast rolling it throughout the house trying to get the treat out. We do have to supervise if we have a treat in there, but it keeps her busy and active and helps her to learn what is and isn't correct to chew on. 

The Kong Classic and Squeakair have quickly become their favorite toys, and we constantly have to tell her she can't bring them to bed with her! You can easily find her on any given day, running through the yard, with the Kong Classic or Squeakair in her mouth, tossing it in the air and chasing after it. We love to play fetch with them in the yard, but she also loves to chew on them both. We have a camera in our house and when I'm checking on them while I'm at work, I usually find her in her bed, with the Classic, chewing on it or licking it. She loves it so much, and we're really happy that she has something that she loves to play with and it keeps her occupied! 

While I can't say that the Kong Box has completely stopped her bad chewing habits, as she chewed a shoe a few days ago, but it has definitely cut back on her need to find something inappropriate to chew on. I highly recommend the Kong Box, it's a great treat for the pups, it's a great way to save money, and a great way to keep everyone happy! Thank you, Kong for giving my dogs something new and fun to stay active and play with! 

Want It? Get it! 

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Do your pets enjoy the Kong Brand?  If so, what's their favorite toy or treat from Kong?

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