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National Legging Day!

OMG! Whoever knew there was such a thing.  I started buying leggings in 2016. I was invited to a Facebook party for a friend of a friend and I felt obligated to at least try a pair.  I haven't stopped buying since.  Leggings are pants and can be paired with so much.  

I have everyday ones, fancy ones, and believe it or not dress ones.  I have a pair for every day of the month.  I think I may have an addiction, but they are an essential part of my wardrobe.  I like the comfort they provide while still feeling really feminine. 

  I have some Lularoe, Livilu, off-brand ones from Florida's Leggings, and even Walmart. 
I can't pick a favorite, but I can tell you all the leggings have changed up my wardrobe from boring neutral colors to a rainbow of colors.  I feel most confident when I am comfortable and sometimes feeling good in my own body is something I struggle with.  

If you are like me- a little extra weight around your middle, too tall to be considered short but too short to be considered tall, and struggle with body image, I recommend buying at least one pair.  You would be surprised by how much it changes how you feel.  Learn to love your curves, extra weight, and yourself.

If you love leggings like I do tell me what brands and kinds you like.  I am always down for trying a new kind. 


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