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How to choose a great pillow for sleep apnea


While people always tend to spend more on mattresses for their justifiable health values, pillows certainly do not lack behind in terms of providing high quality sleep. Having the right mattress is only half the battle, you need to also find a suitable pillow that can complement it. More importantly, it also helps get your neck positioning into place, preventing sleep apnea and your body feeling energized and rejuvenated in the morning.

How a pillow can help treat sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is an issue where an individual's breathing is hindered during sleep, forcing the afflicted to gasp for air multiple times. This is a serious medical condition since it deprives both the cerebrum and the rest of the body of much needed oxygen , which can have severe consequences. Untreated rest apnea can prompt hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular breakdown, diabetes, despondency, or cerebral pains. 

The most well-known form of treatment is a cross utilisation of a CPAP machine and specialised sleep apnea pillows. This is due to sleep apnea pillow only being able to eliminate one of the numerous reasons for apnea. Best sleep apnea cushions incline the head at an appropriate level to decrease the chance of airflow impedenment. It keeps your tongue and head in such a manner to open up your windpipe. 

These cushions utilize top notch adaptive padding. It is a responsive cushion type that is utilized for a sleep problem like sleep apnea. Otherwise called visco-flexible froth, this material forms to your body's shape. So you can lay your head in and anticipate that the whole cushion should reshape around it. Adaptive padding wedge assists with other sleep issues, for example, chronic back pain. It likewise assists with veiling pressure. Let’s take a look at how to choose a sleep apnea pillow!

Things to look out for when choosing sleep apnea pillows

Although all sleep apnea pillows share the same design principle of facilitating a healthy breathing pattern, you also have to make sure it has matching qualities to your mattress. 


Besides the apparent criteria of providing a decent level of overall comfort, you should also examine the pillow’s structure and design in a way that would ensure proper neck support. Specifically, it should help prevent the touching of your tongue with the back of your throat - the main cause for sleep apnea. 

Memory foam pillows are in trend nowadays, and for reasons too! They last much longer than your average pillow and are much more efficient at relieving neck pains. It’s even more phenomenal when used with wedge pillows for maximum effect. Ergonomic pillows can also be a worthy investment, especially for white collar workers because they help keep their neck alignment in place.

No matter which pillow you end up buying, just make sure you’ve slept in all kinds of positions on them. If any signs of discomfort manifest themselves in the morning, move on to the next until you’ve found the right one.


The best pillows tend to fall between soft and firm polar positions. The reason being that it’s the most common fit for many people. The position cushions shouldn't be too soft that you sink into it. It should offer good assistance to the neck and head without sacrificing too much comfortability. Excessive pressure on the neck can be the reasons for pain and ache. Sleep study reports show that spine maintenance is essential. Sleeping on pillows that feel like clouds can also yield other undesirable symptoms, and further distort air circulation in your body.


For a great many people, a standard-size pillow is adequately size efficient. On the off chance that you favor a bigger one, just make sure your sleep posture is in check . The thickness or slenderness of your pillow should allow you to sleep with your head, neck, and shoulders lined up with your spine, just as it gives you comfort. Ensure the pillow spread and pillowcase fit appropriately. Try not to stuff a major pillow into a small spread, or let a standard-size one swim in an extra-huge pillowcase. 

For pillows made for sleep apnea treatment, the main design trend revolves around the concept of proper head levitation. Try to pick the wedge models if you can. Cervical and contour pillows may help with neck and back torment, and molded body pillows can offer help, steadiness, and alleviation for pressure points along the body. Know, however: there's a marketing aspect engaged with numerous claims to fame molded pillows.

Fabric and Materials

Manufactured materials like memory foams and polyester are taken through many chemical processes as well as antimicrobial treatments before completion. Know the science that went into creating your pillow and consult with your dermatologists before making any purchase decision.

Great pillows for regular use often employ breathable and natural materials for the outer coverage. This helps extend the life of the pillow, ensuring it against stains and sweat. Although flashy ornamental pillows might serve as a statement decorative piece in your bed, they don’t have the same production quality as the ones actually used for sleep.

Memory foam type should require no cleaning. The pillow spread ought to have parasite and bug repellent substances. They ought to likewise have a spread that can be washed with cleanser and texture cleaners. 

Cushion spreads require more attention and should be subjected to cleaning regularly, especially in humid conditions because they accumulate a great deal of sweat and oil. Easy and quick maintenance should also be taken into purchasing decisions.

Final Thought

We spend a monumental amount of time on our pillows. As we grow older, we start to come to a revelation. Not only does the pillow ought to be a well-built one, it also has to fit your body, your wellbeing, and the way that you sleep.

Pillows really influence the way that you approach your day, and you likely aren't even mindful of this reality. Your cushion influences the way that your neck lines up with your spine, which can either reduce or put more strain on your back, influence migraines, and overall have an effect on how good your sleep is. So as to decide the best pillow for you, consider the state of your spine just as the position you sleep in for the majority of the night.

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