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Getting Crafty With Crafty Croc- Fridge Menu Board

With all the cooking I've been doing, lately, I need some way to be organized and stop the 20 questions from the kids a day.  I've always wanted to have a chalkboard on my fridge. So when I got Chalk Board Pens from Crafty Croc, I decided it was time to do it! 

I wanted to cover my whole fridge with chalkboard, but the hubby said NO WAY- so okay!  I took the kids to the dollar store- well, it ended up being 4 dollar stores.  I wanted to give up because I couldn't find any chalkboards at any of the stores, but at the last one, I found 4 small ones.  WOOHOO!  Even the clerk said the boards have been a hit with parents- for homeschool!  Duh!  

Well, thank goodness I found my four boards and time to get to work and create.  Oh yes, you will need some other products- MAGNETS and powerful glue.  I also got clips for the grocery list board because I want to grab the list to take to the store with me.  My family never tells me we are out of stuff.  One of the many things that bother the heck out of me is my family (mom rant LOL).  I usually find out we are out of something when I need it!  So I wanted to also have a place for my family to write items that we run out of- let's see if it works.  

My first step was to figure out what I needed on the boards:

  • Menu Plan
  • Grocery List
  • Friendly Note From Me 
I used the Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers to make it look PRETTY!   

I will reuse this board every week.  By the way, I had this up on my fridge for the past couple of days, and I haven't heard- MOM, what is for dinner? I even down when we are going to eat out.  This also helps to figure out when my husband will cook. He usually cooks on Friday and Saturday so hopefully helps him too. We will see- he isn't as organized I am.  

Creating a menu planner/grocery list was fun, and I actually want to do one for my office now.  I will have to go on the hunt for chalkboard boards, OR I can just buy off Crafty Croc- they have some cool organizational boards.  

Want It? Get It!

Please check out Crafty Crocs for your crafty projects.  I will also have another DIY post coming up next week on Crafty Croc Watercolor Brush Pens

Right now they have Open Box Deal - 45 Mixed Chalk Markers for $29.99 ($186.75 regular price) - Monthly Deal! 

Thank you!

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