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Benefits Of Taking Your Pet To The Vet Regularly


For a pet owner like you, who treats your furry, four-pawed buddies like family, every now and then, you may wonder what the benefits of visits to the vet are. Should you wait only until signs and symptoms of possible ailments appear? Are check-ups really necessary when your pet is bright and healthy?

Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital & Veterinary Clinic has a full list of advantages of bringing your pet to the vet on a regular basis. Take a look.

Why Take Your Pet To The Vet

1. Puppy And Kitten Health

Owning and caring for pups and kittens will instantly mean frequent trips to the vet. According to expert veterinarians, you’ll likely be averaging at 3 to 4 visits every 4 weeks. And you are to continue with this routine until it turns 4-5 months old. 

This is because their early stages (from the time they’re born) are crucial developmental phases. Utmost care and caution are to be taken to ensure that they’re prescribed the right medication and treatment for disease-prevention. At the same time, vaccinations will have to be scheduled during this phase. 

In addition, these frequent visits while your pup or kitten is young will allow them to get acquainted with the vet north turramurra and the staff very well. That, and it’s a way of training it into feeling comfortable when inside the clinic. 

2. Disease Detection 

The saying that preventive measures are better than cure? It doesn’t only apply to us wee human beings. It applies to your pet, too! Being able to raise your furry lovey is the reward in itself. But the challenge arises in the fact that there’s no viable way for them to communicate that they’re feeling iffy and unwell. 

If you’ve attended pet-owner workshops, you may have come across some tell-tale signs pets give out as a warning that they’re not in the best physical condition. An overall dip in mood and movement (lethargy and depression), constant whimpering without reason, a shift in appetite or a lack of it, etc. The more obvious once include diarrhea and vomiting. 

The truth is that the first category isn’t easy to detect. Here’s where frequent drop-ins at the veterinary clinic will help. Regular checkups are a means for the vet to find out if there’s any looming disease that needs to be addressed quickly. Through this, your pet will be spared unnecessary discomfort, even pains, through early detection. 

3. Pet Behavior 

A benefit that many pet owners fail to factor-in. Veterinarians can assist you in assessing, monitoring, and diagnosing your dog’s or cat’s emotional and mental condition. Pet owners tend to think that being unruly, constantly sluggish, hyperactive, moody, etc. are all normal pet behaviour. However, this isn’t scientifically astute. 

There may be underlying health reason for why they behave a certain way. And their vet can point that out so that it can be dealt with effectively. 

4. A Healthy Regimen 

Another advantage of dropping by the vet every now and then is that veterinary professionals can help you create a health scheme that your pet can follow for overall well-being. This will involve proper feeding tips, recommendations for food and a balanced diet, types of exercises, and the like. 

5. Senior Care 

Much like elderly care for you and I, your pet, if it already is in its “elder” years, will require a different, more senior-tailored assistance. Remember that senior pets are more vulnerable to cognitive and motor-function slowdowns, as well as diseases. 

Through a clinic’s senior pet program, preventive measures can be taken to decelerate said conditions and have your pet grow into its golden years comfortably.

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