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9 Water Sports That Your Family Can Try to Stay Fit


Do you know that water sports can also help you stay fit? Not only do they give you the adventure and adrenaline rush you want but they also have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. Water sports require the coordination of your whole body, as such they help strengthen your bones and muscles. 

Aside from exercising your whole body, water sports offer other health benefits such as reducing your risk of diabetes and heart attack as well as empowering your mental health. If you are looking for the best water sports your family can try to stay fit, then you are on the right track. Here are a few water sports that will surely help you burn that extra fat:

#1 Kayaking

Paddling is among the best exercises to improve your cardiovascular endurance. This is perfect if you want to tone your core, arms, and legs. Among the top benefits of kayaking is better thighs and butt. It helps in toning your legs because you squeeze your glutes when you balance yourself and turn. Here is how you can get started with kayaking.

#2 Jet Ski Riding

Next, you can also try riding a jet ski. If you are a newbie rider, you should start with a sit-down jet ski. Although getting started for the ride is an easy task, docking can be challenging for beginners. However, docking becomes much easier if you have a jet ski jetty.

Jet skiing develops your coordination skills and balance. It works your cardiovascular system and strengthens your leg and arm muscles. It also tones your abs because you need your core muscles when you try to keep your balance so you will not fall off your jet ski. You can read on how to ride a jet ski for beginners here.

#3 Scuba Diving

Most drivers say that this water sport is not ideal for intense workouts but it has its own benefits. The equipment you will be bringing with you when diving can weigh at least 50 lbs which makes diving strenuous.

Although scuba diving does not have that much impact, it can tone your whole body through the constant resistance from the water. Just one dive can even help you burn at least 500 calories. Lastly, scuba diving can also boost your lung function, reduce stress, and lower your blood pressure. If you want to know more about scuba diving for beginners, you can check this link out.

#4 Flyboarding

If you are a fitness freak and an adrenaline seeker, flyboarding is an awesome water sport that is perfect for you. It strengthens your legs and core muscles while you maintain your balance up in the air. 

#5 Rafting

Are you planning to work out with your friends? Then rafting would be a great option for you. Each stroke you make when paddling strengthens your arms, shoulders, and back muscles. You also engage your core muscles as you try to balance yourself on the raft.

#6 Water Polo

Water polo is another type of team water sport. It is among the fastest and most challenging sports that exist. This is a perfect match for competitive people who want to have fun because it is an aggressive and tough sport. You can burn up to 300 calories if you play water polo for half an hour. It also provides an amazing cardiovascular and whole-body workout.

#7 Surfing

Surfing is excellent for strengthening various muscles in your body because you use your back, chest, shoulders, and arms when you paddle in the water. When you are riding the wave while standing up, you strengthen your core muscles and legs as you try to remain standing on your board. Surfing also tests the stamina, agility, and strength of your whole body.

#8 Swimming

This is among the most favorite summer activities and the most efficient whole body workout. It is a good cardio exercise and the water’s resistance is excellent for building muscle strength. Most importantly, swimming is impact-free. This means that acquiring stress injuries is minimal compared to frequent weight lifting and running.

#9 Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding engages your whole body. You need to use your core muscles, butt, and legs to maintain stability and balance. You also use your back and arms when paddling. Aside from toning your whole body muscles, paddle boarding also trains your focus and balance. Moreover, paddleboarding for half an hour can help you burn up to 350 calories.


As you can see, water sports give you more excitement than going to the gym for your regular workouts. They are not only for having fun but also for keeping your body in shape and maintaining good mental health. They are also good ways to strengthen your family bond on summer vacations. However, make sure that you have enough training and basic knowledge first before trying any water sport for your safety.

Image Source: Pixabay

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