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Surprise Your Furbaby With A Gnaw Box From Nature Gnaws

Thanks to Nature Gnaws for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Everyone loves a subscription box, so why should our pets be left out!?

Having toy breed dogs for the last 16 years, I was not privy to the endless amount of chewing that occurs when you have a large breed dog. Nothing, and I mean nothing is safe in your home when you have a beastly doberman puppy!

At 6 months, our girl Fiona is nearing 60 pounds and we know we have a lot more growing to do. In this picture, she says she's too modest to look at the camera. You'll also notice some brand new adult teeth that have broken through the gums! When I tell you that teething has been a journey, take my word for it. A teething doberman is unlike anything I have ever experienced. 

Right when I felt like I was about to lose my mind, I discovered Nature Gnaws and my sanity was restored to it's previously, somewhat stable condition!

Our friends at Nature Gnaws were kind enough to send their large breed "gnaw box" for my sweet Fiona to try! This box is filled with bully sticks, braids, tripe twists and pork pretzels. If you've ever owned a large dog, you may know all about those items. What you'll also know is how expensive they are. I was super shocked to find out this box is only $29.99 a month and delivered right to your door! Not only does it come with a ton of chews, but also special goodies like a tennis ball and brush!

I've been using this brush on my dobie and my toy rat terrier who is the shedder of the bunch and it works amazingly well. What I love most about Nature Gnaws, aside from the affordable prices, is the process in which they make their chews.

This company was started because there was a shift from rawhide to more natural chews among American dog owners. With this shift and new knowledge, there became a need for natural, long-lasting chew options for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Nature Gnaws is a company that I stand behind for my new, treasured puppy. I've been doing some research myself and feel confident feeding these chews to my new puppy because of the way they are resourced naturally, washed in water and hand-inspected. 

My "little" Fiona gets a small bully stick every other morning and she absolutely goes bananas for them! She also goes bananas for bananas. She has had zero issue digesting these products and they keep her occupied for quite a while! Now, she is a pretty aggressive chewer, so she can devour a small bully stick pretty fast but some of the larger chews can occupy her for 30 minutes. 

These are the popular Porky Chews which are $17.99 for a large bag!

If you have a dog that loves to chew, I would recommend you check out Nature Gnaws for either a subscription box which come in large and small sizes or just order a bag of chews to try them out. I think you'll be so impressed that Nature Gnaws will become your repeat brand. They are for me!

Want It? Get It!

You can order Nature Gnaws products on their website or on Amazon. Make sure to stay connected to them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and feel free to share photos of your Nature Gnaw pups and tag #NatureGnaws!

All Mommy's Block Party readers will be able to take advantage of 20% off your order with the code: BLOCKPARTY 

Many thanks to our friends at Nature Gnaws for partnering with us! I hope you'll check out some of their fantastic chews for your furbaby. Fiona is definitely a fan for life.


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