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Save your frustrations and fabrics with DetraPel + Giveaway #MBPHOLIDAY20

Thank you to DetraPel for providing me these products in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

Have you ever been at a nice event, wearing your favorite blouse and shoes and someone accidentally knocks your elbow? Out spills liquid- wine, coffee, soda and quickly your garments are stained. There is nothing worse, right? For me, this has happened numerous times and unfortunately, those stains often set in before I can get the materials cleaned. After this happening several times, I was excited to try DetraPel products. 

DetraPel aims for us to wear and love our belongings longer by protecting fabrics against liquid damage such as water and other liquid stains. DetraPel also has aimed to protect their community before and after Covid-19 by using safe sustainable products free of toxins and by shifting their strategy to products to help consumers remain safe in their communities with hand sanitizer. 

DetraPel sent a Fabric and Clothing Protector, Shoe and Sneaker Protector, and Hand Sanitizer to me to try out. Their aim is to eliminate nasty PFAS toxins often found in repelling products so that we can care about our belongings and the environment at the same time. DetraPel products are safe to use around animals and children as they aren't filled with harmful chemicals like other products that claim to be stain resistant can be. DetraPel seeks to be sustainable and their aerosols are 100% powered by air versus other propellants. 

Why DetraPel? While not "water-proof", these products will make your clothing and shoes repel liquids easier so that stains don't set in. To use DetraPel, the recommendation is to spray on a first layer of protector, wait 30-60 minutes to dry, spray on a second layer and wait 48 hrs to use the product.  Using Fabric Protector on clothing is the same- except that the protector may not last beyond 1-3 washings. 

I tried out DetraPel Shoe Protector on a few pairs of shoes- my regular sneakers, a favorite pair of white cloth shoes, and my classic "church" pumps that I try to keep clean. Once applied properly, the liquid beads up rather than soaks through the material, so that it is easier to wipe away clean. While I don't have a decent picture, it did work on each pair of shoes!  DetraPel doesn't prevent your shoe getting wet from heavy rain or jumping in puddles, but it does help repel liquids you drop, perhaps light rain, or stepping in a small puddle. Essentially, heavy force (pouring rain, consistent liquid, etc) will cause your shoes to get wet- but light acts of liquid spills will not. Reapply DetraPel every 9- 12 months for best performance. 

DetraPel Fabric and Clothing Protector works really well! I haven't have not had a chance to test out this product at an event, but so far at home, the fabric has repelled water, soda, and tea so far! I haven't been around formal events that would cause wine glass or ketchup spilling since we are still safer at home, but I would imagine the same would hold true! This is safe on all sorts of fabrics except faux-leather. The look and feel of your fabric does not change. If properly applied, the protect can last up to a year on your fabrics- but again, reapply after washing for safety! 

While testing out a few different shirts at different degrees of spillage, I did notice that it didn't mean my shirts didn't absorb the liquid at all, but I did see beading to repel damage that might be caused by the liquid. If a cup of liquid gets dumped on you, you still might be wet, but your blouse won't be damaged from the liquid itself.  Your clothing does require a couple of layers so I'd recommend limiting DetraPel to the clothing you really wish to keep clean- your expensive dresses, shirts, blazers, etc. 

DetraPel also offers products for fabrics in all parts of your life: automotive, furniture, baby/children, outwear and outdoor gear too. Outside of stains on your new blouse, there is nothing worse than a stain on your new piece of furniture! I encourage you to check out all the ways that DetraPel can help save your products from the wear and tear of liquids. As much as we try to prevent accidents occurring and prevent staining on our favorite fabrics, we still live active vibrant lives that involve foods, liquids, and spills. 

DetraPel products do repel liquid to prevent stain use, but they can't guarantee against oily/ greasy stains. DetraPel can help act as a guard against these things but it is not intended as the primary protector against greasy oily stains. 

I think DetraPel is worth it if you are prone to run into elbows, walls, or furniture where you might "bump" and spill your glass or cup of liquid and if you want to try to protect your clothing and shoes against water damage for longer! Living on the coast means that I can't always protect my belongings from rain/ storm liquids, as we have no control once it starts raining, but it does mean that I can protect my belongings from spills and liquids. 

DetraPel's Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol free citrus smelling spray. We know that sanitizers with alcohol bases can make our hands feel free and prevent moisture, so I am glad that this product not only smells good, but dries quick and doesn't wear out your hands like other products do! 

Want it? Get it! 

Visit DetraPel to learn more and purchase fabric protectors for all walks of life! 

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Three (3) Lucky readers will each win a DetraPel package containing one (1) Fabric and Clothing Protector Spray, one (1) Fabric and Upholstery Spray and signed hardcover copy of "Exposure", authored by Robert Bilott. 

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Does your fabric and clothing stain easily? What type of stains follow you around?

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  1. I would use it for my gym shoes and boots

  2. I like that these products don't have harmful chemicals.

  3. I love that they don't have harmful chemicals. I'd really like to use this on my kids shoes and boots.

  4. I would definitely use them on my kids shoes. Love that there are no harsh chemicals

  5. I just bought a new pair of white canvas slip on shoes and I'm hopeful that these will keep them clean. Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  6. As a single working MOM on a tight budget, I like that I can prolong the life of my favorite belongings, reduce waste & protect what you love.

  7. I love the fact that they're free of harmful chemicals.


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