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You might think that the air compressor is not essential to you. You're mistaken. From saving you from unnecessary delay to helping you put your tire back in shape and good condition, you cannot overemphasize the importance. When you feel having a flat tire is the end of the road for your journey while on the way, air compressor comes to your rescue. 

As important as air compressor is, it is equally vital that you buy the right one that gives you more value for your money. This article spells out, juxtaposes, and summarizes the features, pros, and cons of popular air compressor brands available in the market. This outline was put together after taking deep insights into each product. We believe it will be easy for you to choose the air compressor of your choice according to your needs after carefully exploring the listed options.

Viair 45043 Automatic Function Portable Compressor 

This compressor comes with a maximum working pressure of 150PSI. This compressor is the best overall unit on our list. Attached to this product is a luxury bag that can carry it around and even keep in a safe place without getting dented. It is also equipped with an automatic shutoff function which helps it self-shut down when not in use

Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor 

It is equipped with a maximum working pressure of 120PSI, and it is a 12V compressor. For ease of use, the manufacturer packages the compressor together with a power cord of about 10 feet long and also a 16ft air hose. All you need to do is to fix the compressor directly to the battery using alligator clamps. 

VIAIR 45053 Silver Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

You can easily attach this compressor to the RV with the help of the alligator clamp. You might want to know that a built-in pressure switch, a gun for inflating the tire, a gauge, air hose, and a portable carrying bag is attached when you buy this compressor.

Porter-cable CMB15

It takes very little time to start, operate, and use this compressor even when the weather is cold. It has a 120V motor that helps it quickly start at the point of use and uses low amp. This compressor is a unique standard model with a pump that is free of oil; hence it does not need maintenance. It is also designed to accommodate rubber feet and a water drain valve.

Porter-cable C2002

This product is easy to carry around and can accumulate and retain more air in its pancake-style tank, which has rubber feet that make it stable. This compressor can run for a long time and recover quickly because of a 2.6 SCFM, which runs at 90PSI.

VIAIR 85p Portable Air Compressor

This compressor runs with a 60PSI maximum working pressure and is considered the best budget purchase. As such, there is a guarantee that you will not regret buying it. An auxiliary power outlet powers this compressor, and there is also a gauge ascribed to it, which gives room for you to observe and study the tire's pressure carefully.

Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

Amplified with an alligator clamp with which you can easily connect the compressor to the RV battery directly. This compressor is particularly suitable for observing and regulating your tire pressure; it ensures you do not over or under inflate the tire. When you buy this compressor, you get a tire inflation gun, a case for carrying it and air hose

Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump 150PSI 12V Digital Tire Inflator

This compressor is designed with stainless steel and long-lasting ABS plastic, making it stand the test of time while still functioning efficiently. Because it is digital, it has a big display area which calculates and shows you the desired unit of pressure. Also, it automaticcally switches off the machine when the required pressure of air is pumped into the tire, so you do not have to worry about pumping the wrong unit of air into your tire.

Choosing The Best Compressor for your Needs 

After careful study of the above-suggested air compressors brands, you will agree with me that there are lots of variations in the different brands listed above.  However, your choice of the compressor should be based on some very key vital qualities and characteristics which are explained as follows:

The PSI and CFM Rating

The most important feature to consider in your choice of a compressor is the PSI. The PSI rating of your tire has to correspond with that of the compressor you are buying to fix your tire correctly because a compressor with a lesser PSI than the tire PSI will not do so well. On the other hand, the CFM rating is the rated airflow that moves into your tire, so the lower your CFM rating, the slower it takes to fix your tire. 

Noise level

Although it is highly inevitable for generators, compressors, and other machines powered by gas to make noise, it is paramount to go for a compressor with less noise. You do not want to disturb the whole neighborhood with the sound of your running compressor whose average sound is about 40-90 decibels, so you can quickly go for the best buy of compressors whose noise is below 50/60 decibels.


To accomplish your goal of having a portable compressor and can be easily carried around without stress, it is crucial to consider the compressor's weight when buying them. It would be best to go for a compressor with a load of 15 pounds or even lesser. With less weight, your compressor is easy to store. 

Benefits Of Investing In A Great RV Air Compressor

When you buy the best Rv Air compressor, you save a lot, including time, effort, and money. Such compressor lasts long and still keeps functioning while you enjoy the practical experience it offers and a feeling of safety

Finally, we hope this article will guide you in making the right choice in buying a quality compressor for your RV as the information in this article is not limited to only the brands mentioned but covers all types of compressors.

For the layman reading this article, an air compressor is a machine used to pump air into products that can be inflated. Examples are balls and even your tire when they get punctured.

It is always advisable to buy a compressor with a higher PSI than what your tire requires. However, the best PSI for air compressors is usually between 150 – 2—PSI, although the average is 90 PSI.

Lastly, when the machine applies air pressure twice, it is called stage two air compressor.  

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