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How To Design A Fun And Practical Kitchen Your Family Will Love

On average, a kitchen remodeling project costs $25,273, but most homeowners spend anywhere between $13,271 and $37,528, according to HomeAdvisor. Your kitchen design is an essential aspect to consider when building from scratch or planning a renovation project. Like many homeowners, you want to make the most of your investment, creating a kitchen that works for you and your family. 

Because aside from cooking and eating meals, the modern culinary space hosts many family activities. It is the one place in your home where the entire family comes together to eat, engage, and enjoy each other's company. Here's how to design a fun and practical kitchen your family will love for years to come. 

Create A Welcoming and Interactive Kitchen 

The ideal kitchen design balances comfort, fun, and practicality. When the kitchen space is welcoming, your partner, kids, and friends will want to spend more time preparing meals, eating, or chatting. If you have limited space, opt for an open floor kitchen plan design. That way, you can connect your cooking area with the living room to create a multi-functional space. 

Open floor layouts allow you to place a few comfy chairs or couch facing the kitchen, so you can hold a conversation, keep an eye on the kids, or entertain while you clean or prepare food. Fitting an island is another way of making your kitchen inviting. Islands are not only perfect for guests to sit and relax while you chat, but they also create room for kids to play or do their homework. 

Install Non-Slip Floor Tiles 

When designing a practical kitchen, opt for flooring materials capable of withstanding high foot traffic, spills, food stains, and splashes. Your selection should have an appealing appearance, guarantee comfort and safety, and demand minimal maintenance. While hardwood floors are natural, inviting, and look perfect, they require plenty of care.  

Vinyl, laminate, and linoleum are affordable and come with various designs and colors, but may often lack durability. Therefore, consider installing indoor & outdoor tiles in your culinary area. This tiling option isn't as dull as it sounds. The wide variety of tile finishes, patterns, and designs can help you create decorative mosaics, modern concrete effects, or cold porcelain surfaces.

Make The Kitchen A Fun Space For Kids

Transforming your kitchen into a fun space is straightforward. Consider building lower drawers where the kids can arrange their favorite cups, dishes, plates, and snacks. Also, accessorize the culinary area with kid-friendly cutlery sets, a dining table, and chairs. Add interest with tile backsplash, bright wall and cabinet colors, and colorful decorations. You may also want to use chalkboard paint on a small section or the entire wall to make the cooking area playful. You or the kids can draw, write grocery lists, recipes, and dinner menus on the chalkboard.  

Designing a functional and fun kitchen can be daunting. But you can achieve the best outcomes if you factor in your specific needs, space, and budget. Think about your kids' age, interests, and, most importantly, enhance safety by fitting non-slip tiles and opt for rounder countertop edges.  

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