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Tips For Creating A Kitchen That Works For You

Does your kitchen need a renovation? Whether you’ve moved into a new home or whether you’re simply looking around your existing property thinking that it seriously needs a makeover, it’s time to create a kitchen that really works for you. No matter how stylish your kitchen, if it doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, then it needs a rework. Let’s take a look at how to create the right kitchen which is just perfect for the way that you live.

Organization Is Key
Perhaps the most important element in creating a kitchen which works perfectly for you is making a kitchen which is organized to suit your requirements. If your kitchen isn’t properly organized it will just frustrate you and stress you out. You need a place for everything so that everything can be in its place.
The best way to do this is by making sure that you keep the appliances and items that you are planning to use close at hand at all times. The key to creating a useful kitchen is to think of the “triangle” of appliances. You’ll need your sink, your oven and your fridge within a triangular shape so that you can easily reach everything that you need without having to move too far out of your spot.
You’ll also need to arrange your drawers so that you can easily reach your utensils and most of your commonly used equipment quickly without having to struggle to find it.
Get The Right Faucets
If you want to make your kitchen as convenient as possible, you need to choose the right type of faucet for you. You might want to think about choosing an automatic faucet which will switch on when it senses motion. That’s not only a convenient option, it’s also a hygienic one since you won’t need to touch the faucet when your hands are dirty from touching meat, fish or unwashed vegetables. There are lots of faucets on the market that are high quality and stylish and which will make your kitchen a much more convenient place to work.
Get Your Lighting Right
Another important element of a convenient kitchen is the lighting. Not only does lighting have an important part to play in the way your kitchen feels, but it also has an important part to play in how functional it is. Make sure that there are light switches close to all access points so that you won’t be stumbling around in the dark trying to find a light when you enter the room. Also, make sure that there are plenty of lights to illuminate dark spaces where you’ll be working so that you won’t struggle to see what you’re doing when you’re chopping vegetables or pouring drinks.
Have A Noticeboard
One element of a well-functioning kitchen is a noticeboard which keeps you and the family up to date about everything that is happening over the course of the day, week or month. You can have various types of noticeboard, from a whiteboard on the fridge to a pinboard on the wall, or even a cabinet painted with blackboard paint. The effect will be the same and will make the kitchen the heart of your home.
Plenty Of Storage
Storage is key to any kitchen space, so make sure that you include lots of it in your room design. Most kitchens lack sufficient storage space to accommodate family life so you might need to think laterally – or rather, vertically. Think about using the space above your countertops for storage - either for more cabinets, shelving or even for hanging racks where you can store pans or utensils within easy reach. If you have space, a kitchen island could be a very convenient addition, giving you an extra countertop space as well as plenty of extra storage, or a butcher’s block could be helpful in a smaller space, giving you a small food preparation area with storage beneath.

By making a few subtle changes, your kitchen can become a lot more accommodating for you and your family’s needs. Once you have a kitchen that works well for your lifestyle, you’ll be surprised by how much more convenient daily life becomes.

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