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Getting a Better Deal on Designer Radiators

Buying a radiator can be a difficult process. Buying a designer radiator can be even more difficult, especially if it’s a world you’re not well versed in. 

When you typically have the word “designer” in front of anything, you’re looking at a whole other world of products where the price is often the biggest concern. And for anyone replacing radiators around the home, you may be surprised to learn that designer radiators don’t have to follow those rules at all.

Buying a designer radiator is almost too easy when you know what to look out for, and if you’re reading this, you’ll be happy to know I’m about to highlight some of the ways you should be getting a better deal on designer radiators. It all starts with knowing what exactly qualifies as designer.

Tip 1: Look out for genuine designer brands

A bit like comparing name brand items in the store with premium items, the world of designer radiators can get incredibly confusing, especially considering they’re an item you’ll only purchase once every few years.

Now some big radiators brands will advertise their products as designer, but double-check they aren't simply labelling a product as premium when it doesn’t need to be. If you find a brand name which says on the product that it is a designer radiator brand, do some research online to check that’s the truth, and that their products are one-of-a-kind.

Tip 2: Italy is the designer radiator hub of the world

When you think of steelworks and manufacturing with metals, you’re more likely to think of Pittsburgh rather than Italy, but it is rather surprisingly the designer radiator capital of the world.

Why is that? Well, they know a thing or two about using hot water in pressurised systems. They’ve already mastered how to make espressos and cappuccinos with pressurised machines, so it is only a given that they’d make good radiators too. 

If your ideal designer radiator says it has been made in Italy, it’s a true sign of quality.

Tip 3: Radiator finish is NOT a designer feature

Don’t be swayed by the colour of a radiator as a design feature. Most manufacturers will use the same paint on their budget options as they do with the most expensive radiator they sell. The only time a radiator finish would be seen as an important design feature is when the manufacturer lists the paint as having at least a 10-15 year guarantee that it won’t scuff or split off. 

Tip 4: Material is the hidden feature
Again, when looking at designer radiators in a store, you may see examples of two almost identical radiators, where one shows no real reason why it should be considered designer. That’s when it is time to look at the product description and see what the radiator is made from.

The majority of radiators are made from steel, as it is a good conductor of heat and is relatively inexpensive to shape and form. When looking at designer products, you’ll tend to find that radiators are made from aluminium. While aluminium doesn’t have the same retention, it will get up to temperature quicker and can be used to create more unique radiator shapes.

Tip 5: Designer radiators should be made to last

Harkening back to what I said about the quality and longevity of the paint used on a designer radiator, you’re looking for a radiator that is built to last, and designer radiators have to fit that bill.

If you see a designer radiator in a store which promises anything less than a 5-year guarantee on the product, it won’t be worth the money. Now, you may be surprised to learn that radiators have an average of 10 years before they’re no longer able to perform 100%, but designer radiators should exceed that.

And make sure to check that the brand you’re thinking of buying from will have a definitive guarantee on the radiator.

Now get to radiator shopping!

I hope you found these tips on buying designer radiators helpful. If you’d like to see what a typical selection of designer radiators looks like, visit https://www.traderadiators.com/radiators/designer. They stock some of the best designer brands and have online-only deals that you don’t find in stores.

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