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Five Ways to Remain Optimistic With Resources From BetterHelp

It's no secret that this Pandemic has had a substantial impact on the world's mental health, as a whole. Many of us, who are usually happy go-getters, are finding ourselves feeling less and less happy as the days go on. Being stuck indoors for months on end, with little human contact can really affect how we think and feel and plays a huge part in our Countries recent Mental Health Crisis. I, for one, having been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD, understand the toll that is has taken on my own personal mental health. One thing I have started to do is truly look for a silver lining when I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. This can be very hard, or almost unimaginable for many people battling with their mental health, but trying to be optimistic about things has helped change my perspective on how I view my day. Here are some ways to stay optimistic when the struggle seems to outweigh it all.

1. Journaling
Journaling is a good way to write down your thoughts, feeling and emotions, which you're able to go back and reflect on at a later point in your life. In the moment, when life seems to be so overwhelming, grab a piece of paper and pen and write it all down. It's so freeing to let it all out, to have an outlet to express yourself in the moment. Give yourself 30 minutes from the time that you have written it all out and try to reflect on the emotions of your writings. During this time, don't think about all of the negative things that are surrounding what you wrote, think about letting them go. While this may not seem to be a way to stay optimistic, it is a start. It aids as a release so that you're not holding on to negative thoughts and feelings. Also, keeping a journal is a good tool if you ever wish to seek any type of counseling https://www.regain.us/advice/general/betterhelp-is-it-the-best-online-therapy-and-counseling-platform-in-2020-and-why/. This will be able to provide your therapist with insight as to how you may have been feeling in the moment or during a particular event. 

2. Focus on the Positive

What is one thing positive that you did today? If you are having a hard time thinking of something, try this. Did you get out of bed this morning? If yes, that's a positive things. Focus on that for the day! I got out of bed today, I may not have done anything else, but I got out of bed! Write it down in your journal and make a point to keep writing it down each day that you get out of bed. It's something to be proud of and helps to motivate. Did you cook your family a meal instead of getting take-out? That's a positive to focus on! Your were able to cook a meal to have with your family, you put time and effort into this meal and you were able to put it on the table for them! Again, write it in your journal and keep writing it down so that you can see that you are able to do these things!

3. Be Open Minded

Now, I know this can be tough, especially when you are dealing with depression or anxiety. When you've gotten up the energy, courage or whatever you needed to make plans, and then they don't happen, don't give up! Keep an open mind! So my plans were cancelled today, I hope everything is alright and we can reschedule it for another day. If you're faced with a challenge that would normally stop you in your tracks, keep an open mind and try to think of a different way to solve the problem at hand. Don't let a small set back become a trigger point, set up different options from the start, and then you'll have more options to try out!

4. Positive Mantras

Something that can help you to stay optimistic is finding a positive saying, poem, or even song that can become your mantra. Repeat it as many times as you need, daily to help boost your mood and keep your mind in a healthy space. When you feel negative thoughts creeping in, recite your mantra until you feel that it is making a difference. It can be as simple as, "No Matter What I Face, Today Is Going To Be A Good Day." Something I like to say is, "I Am Safe, I Am Loved, I Deserve To Be Happy." I repeat this on days that I am having a really hard time coping or feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

5. Exercise

How can something as simple as exercise help anyone to be more optimistic? Well, exercising releases endorphins and can bring about a sense of euphoria or happiness. Finding the motivation to exercise can be hard, however the end results are well worth pushing yourself to do it. Start small, go for an evening walk when the weather permits you to, or find an indoor walking routine that you can stream in your living room. There are so many free options to stream, and something that I've enjoyed is being able to do online programs with friends over the internet. Once I've gotten into a routine, I've noticed that it something that I typically look forward to at the end of my day. I feel happier and really an overall sense of joy and peace. I feel good about myself, proud that I accomplished something and know that I am working towards bettering my mental health and physical health. 

Staying positive and optimistic at such a strange time in our lives can be difficult. Finding ways to be more positive doesn't have to be. Take time for yourself and your mental health, you are worth it and you deserve it! Take advantage of resources that are right at your fingertips and available for immediate use, like BetterHelp. Staying happy and healthy is something that we should all strive for! 

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