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8 Survival Tips for Navigating Post-Divorce Parenting


Post-divorce parenting can be quite challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating. Since divorce doesn’t change a parental status, recently divorced moms and dads have nothing to do but to accommodate themselves to the new circumstances so that they can deal with many challenges and raise happy, yet healthy kids. If you are a newly single mom or dad, then the following survival will come in useful with no doubt.   

Focus on positives

Sometimes, life gives you lemons whether you like it or not. And, as ironic as it may sound, most often, you need this, as you will not grow unless you are forced to do so. Do your best to learn your lesson and use it to make your life better. If you do this, you will be stronger than you were earlier in life.

Develop a positive attitude

Your positive attitude will make your life easier. If you consider your doing legal forms for divorce in Kentucky as a positive experience, which has made you smarter and wiser, then your little ones will cope with your split much better, too. 

Think about what kind of message you send to your relatives. How do they think you feel about your breakup? How do you speak about your ex-husband or wife in front of them? Are you depressed? Do you complain about your sorrow to others? If your kids see you unhappy and confused, then they probably are no happier than you. But this cannot go on; you must change your attitude. 

Respect your ex-spouse

After you get a divorce, another step is to deal with the challenge of talking with your ex-partner about different issues in a peaceful manner. To succeed, never forget about the best interests of your family, especially when you are talking to your former love.

Before your breakup, you couple probably had a lifetime of raising your little ones together successfully – so why not to try to continue with that positive attitude. No matter how painful it may be for you to hold talks with your former better half, make sure that you do your utmost to show respect for this person. Never forget that your kids have a mother and father and they need them both equally.

Become a writer of your story

Your reality is exactly like you believe it to be. Note that your perception shapes the world you live in; therefore, never lose a chance to decide what will happen next. If you believe that you were a victim who had nothing to do but to look for divorce help online, then you are more likely to concentrate on the things that only add to your misery.

However, if you take your split as one of those many good experiences that you have already had, you will feel more powerful, no matter how much it hurts today. By doing so, you will also have more chances to live the life that will bring you many positive outcomes. So, if you don’t like your story, make sure that you write your next chapter the way you would love it to be. 

It's a time for forgiveness

Think about all the things you have done wrong and forgive yourself. No one can be perfect and you are not an exception. Treat yourself as someone who is ready to change and grow personally. The next step is all about forgiving your former love. Stop reflecting on your shady past and everything bad your ex has done to you. So and in no other way, you will be able to make a fresh start. Refusing to forgive will only make you even more miserable, and you don’t want that, right?

Have your own time

Having your time is crucial for creating and maintaining a positive attitude. Find some time for doing what you like and what inspires you. Discover new hobbies, go in for new sports, do some volunteer work. Make sure you spend a lot of time outdoors. Spending most of the day in nature will energize you and relieve your stress levels effectively. When you care for your well being, you are more inspired to give your family your total care that they, however, need most today.

Deal with your negative emotions

To get back on track after your split faster, it is crucial to find a consistent way to get rid of negativity, including your anxiety, fears, jealousy, and guilt. Take as much time as needed to feel those emotions and deal with them without drugs and alcohol. Let all bad energy out for the sake of your well being and, most importantly, your little ones. 

Smooth things over

Former lovers are likely to be at each other’s throats. However, you should realize that your fights may hurt others a lot. That is why it is crucial to have fewer conflicts.

Every time there is a contention, try to listen to the other side. It is no secret that most conflicts occur when parties misunderstand one another. Explain your point of view on specific issues and avoid eye-rolling; otherwise, you may only anger your former better half.

When it seems like your ex-lover misunderstands you, paraphrase what you have just said. It never hurts to say sorry when needed. Don’t be too judgmental and always strive to end with an amicable decision. Don’t forget that you are not on a ring and thus there are neither winners nor losers.

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