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6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Send To a Friend In Need

When a friend is going through a tough time, gift-giving requires far more thought and personalization than a birthday or just-because gift would. This gift needs to not only make them smile, but also keep them smiling whenever they need to—because right now, they could use as much happiness as they can get. 

Here are six thoughtful gift ideas that are carefully chosen to cheer up a friend in need.

#1: Baked Goods 
Imagine receiving a beautiful box of baked goods at your door when you’re going through a rough patch. What a lovely image, right? This thoughtful gesture is a colorful surprise that will surely remind your friend that someone cares deeply about them. 

Though soups and casseroles are the traditional “friend in need” foods, desserts are an unconventional choice that will sweeten up your friend’s day and lift them, at least momentarily, out of their sorrow. 

Go for a classic gift with a cupcake delivery or, if you want something more Parisian, get them a fresh batch of macarons instead! 

#2: A Weighted Blanket 
A weighted blanket acts as a physical and metaphorical anchor for your friend. With its carefully designed weight distribution and fabric, it lets the wearer feel more secure and comforted in their time of need. It keeps them mentally grounded at a time when negative thoughts might be swirling in their heads. 

This cleverly created blanket can help your friend cope with the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Better sleep is a precious gift, and a weighted blanket can act as your friend’s rock (when you’re not around, of course). 

#3: A Beautiful Journal 
Journals are a great tool for anyone who needs to work through their thoughts, decompress, and process the events around them. If your friend recently went through something tough, a journal would give them the opportunity to flesh out their feelings and come to terms with their problems. 

If your friend loves creative writing or sketching, you can find journals that come with writing prompts or blank pages for drawing. 

#4: A Gift Basket
The delight that a gift basket delivery brings is almost unmatched. With a carefully chosen assortment of treats, fruits, nuts, and even a stuffed animal or two, these curated treats will bring a smile to even the saddest of friends. The best part? Gift baskets last for about a week, giving them double or triple the impact of smaller, more traditional gifts.

The personalized perfection of a gift basket is ideal for a friend that is yearning to feel seen, heard, and loved. With this simple delivery, you’ll give them the comfort and dedication they need most. 

#5: Animal Crossing 
The video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons is designed to be a relaxing escape into a whimsical world. The basic premise: you’re charged with the care of an island by a mercurial raccoon named Tom Nook, responsible for keeping its residents, all adorable animals, happy and engaged. 

This magical game lets you engage in these fun, soothing activities:

  • Designing clothes
  • Redecorating and upgrading your cottage
  • Digging up fossils for the local museum
  • Catching exotic fish
  • Growing and selling produce
  • Crafting new tools and items
  • Shopping
  • Interacting with your cute furry (or feathered) neighbors
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • … and more!

For a friend that would like a distraction from the heaviness of life, the calming routines of this lovely game will surely let their minds drift away from their woes. The game is made for the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, so be sure to check that your friend owns one of these consoles beforehand. 

 #6: Star Projector 
The stars in the sky are a sign of beauty and reassurance to many. Why not bring them inside for a friend who needs some of that same reassurance and hope? Star and galaxy projectors fulfill this need by scattering twinkling stars around a room. 

This gift doubles as a gorgeous addition to their interior bedroom design, which they’ll surely appreciate. Even during their darkest nights, your friend will be soothed by the celestial gift of stars, always visible over their heads.

Be the Friend That Steps Up to the Plate 

With these gifts, your friend will realize that you’re truly there for them through thick and thin. Whether it’s a journal, a video game, a gift basket, or a blanket, you’ll communicate your love and care through your thoughtful efforts (and personalized touch). With this list as a starting point, you will surely find the perfect item to tell your friend, “I got you.”

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