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3 Reasons Why Rugs Are Great Home Décor Accessories

It can be difficult to find the right interior design scheme for your home, especially if you do not have a budget to hire a professional or to purchase everything brand new. Therefore, looking for simple accessories to add to a room is one of the most effective ways to introduce some change to your décor. Although there are many items to choose from, rugs are one of the best home décor accessories you can buy, as well as being one of the most affordable. Here are three reasons why a new rug is the best addition to your home. 


The great thing about a new rug is that it can suit any room in the house. There is a good variety of different styles to choose from. Therefore, you will not struggle to find one to fit in with your interior design choices. For example, if you like, vintage looks search for rugs similar to the ones sold at orientalistrug.com. They also can make a statement in a room; by choosing a bright, bold colored rug for a room that has a more neutral color scheme, it can create quite an impact. These are just a few reasons why rugs are a regular accessory featured in interior design trends. 
It does not matter what your style is or whether you already have carpeted floors. Rugs are a fantastic home accessory that can bring something new to whatever room it’s placed in. Therefore, rugs are one of the best and most effective additions to your home décor. 

Create Warmth

The sight of a rug on the floor can help to create a cozy atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, this makes it even more so. Imagine being curled up listening to the wood crackle as it burns, hot chocolate in hand, and your toes touching the fluffy, soft rug on the floor. Absolute bliss! However, fireplace or not, if you have wooden or tiled flooring, a thick, quality rug placed upon it will certainly help to keep your feet off the cold floor beneath it. Even if you have carpets instead, the addition of a nice, fleecy rug under your coffee table will improve the overall feel of the room. Plus, it could be great to add some color to the room, making it more aesthetically pleasing


A rug placed under furniture like a dining or coffee table can help to reduce damage to the flooring beneath these items – especially on wooden floors. Chairs being dragged across or people walking up and down can create scratch marks and dull patches. A thick rug placed underneath can help to prevent and slow the natural wear-and-tear of your floor. This is the same for carpets, too. Although you wouldn’t want your rug to end up stained and dirty, they can protect a more expensive carpet underneath from drink spills or dropped food. If you want to use a rug for this purpose, make sure you haven’t spent a lot of money on it!

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