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Traveling During Covid

E has gotten his first duty station assigned and he will be going to Germany.  Oh my goodness that is so far away 😥.  Covid has prevented us from meeting up for a family day, graduation, and his leave between shipping to his first duty station.  With covid still running amok in 2020, I won't be able to see my son before he leaves for overseas.  To say I am frustrated is an understatement.  I am surviving on selfies I ask for every week that I get to speak to him.

Currently, it is really hard to get a passport and I'm not sure I feel comfortable traveling abroad during this pandemic, but the mommy in me doesn't feel there is an alternative.  I need to hug my baby.  Have any of you traveled abroad? Did you quarantine before or after travel? This mommy feels like I'm in school again with all the research I am doing. 

I hope if you are traveling that you continue to stay healthy and have fun. We only have this life to live and get our traveling in. If you are traveling where are you going?
Share your travel stories during covid.

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