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Keeping Your Home Safe From Pests When It's Cold Outside

With many of the nation under heat advisories, it can be hard to imagine that colder weather is on its way, but Fall is only a few short weeks away. With the temperatures varying greatly across the country during Fall and Winter, we need to make sure that we all stay ahead of those crazy weather patterns and get a jump on caring for our homes and keeping them as secure as possible to keep out the cold and the critters!

When the temps start to fall, animals and other creatures look for warmer places to make a new home our of. And where does this normally take place, but our nice, cozy, warm homes! As much as we try to keep them out, animals such as mice, skunks, bats, groundhogs, and other various critters seem to wander into our yards and even find their ways into our homes. Mice can slip into the smallest of cracks in your walls or foundations and if their outdoor habitat is disturbed in any way, you best believe they'll be looking for a new, warm place to call home. 

While we don't like the thought of bats or mice, or skunks coming into our yards, we don't think too much about them, especially if they go sight unseen. But, we really need to be checking our homes, because even the smallest of mice or skunk can wreak havoc on your home causing you time, money and lots of headaches. Many of these creatures, bats, raccoons, and even vultures can spread diseases through their feces and can cause major health issues for homeowners. Not to mention that many of them can also cause structural damage to your home as well by chewing on the walls, wiring, foundation, caulking, and much more around your house.

Groundhogs might look cute, but their nails and teeth can cause a lot of damage. They are not only a threat to your animals if they happen to come in contact with them, but they are a threat to your yard! They can dig deep tunnels throughout your yard looking for food and destroying anything and everything in its way. Do you have a beautiful garden that you've spent years to create? They can demolish it within minutes, they can also dig up or damage underground pumps, wiring, sewage systems, and more. 

If you live in more mountainous regions I'm sure that you've had to deal with bears and deer coming into your yard or even trying to get into your homes. While most people across the nation may never have to deal with that, we should all still be aware of their size and what they are capable of. Since deer can be very territorial, if they see their reflection, they may charge at the object in a fight or flight type scenario. This can cause major damage to basements, windows, doors, and other objects of similar material around your home. Bears may look for food in our trashcans or even indoors. Make sure to put trash where they can't get to it.

We need to take the time this early fall to secure our property, fill in any cracks or holes in our foundations, and re-seal windows and doors. Make sure that eaves, overhangs, and roofs are void of holes or openings where birds or bats can enter to make your attic their home. Staying on top of these things will help you to have a safe, animal-free home this fall and winter. https://www.groundworkscompanies.com/about/articles/which-animals-cause-damage/. There are so many different animals and bugs that can damage and destroy the home you've worked so hard for. Don't ignore the warning signs, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

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