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Grabease Double Sided Toothbrush Helps Your Little Learn to Brush #MBPBACK2SCHOOL

Thank you to Grabease for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Every parent wants products that make teaching the littles easier. We want them to be independent eventually so anything that allows us to teach our kiddos a valuable skill is a winner in my book. Being the little brother, he wants to be able to do everything his older brother does, especially brush his teeth. The Grabease toothbrush could not be more perfect for him to practice on his own and giving me assurance that he's actually cleaning his teeth.

Okay, mamas. We all want our kiddos to be healthy from the start. Parenting can be stressful and overwhelming with everything you try to track for the babies.  Oral hygiene is so important and one of the habits you want to introduce as early as possible. Hendrix was not much of a fan of brushing his teeth so it was a struggle. I think if he had had the Grabease and been able to practice more effectively on his own, it would have been a game changer. 

Of course, Maverick wants to be big so he's been practicing for awhile, but I would have loved to have the Stage 1 Finger-brush to introduce brushing as early as getting his first tooth. 

The Grabease double sided toothbrush is awesome because it ensures more cleaning than a regular toothbrush, giving parents more confidence in allowing the littles to practice brushing. 

The Grabease toothbrush is perfect for babies and toddlers. I would even recommending it to pregnant mommas to put on their registries. 

Want it? Buy it!

You can buy the Grabease Double Sided Toothbrush on Amazon for $13.95. That is a steal for such a time saving and skill-building product. 

Who needs a Grabease toothbrush in their life? 

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