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Finding Out Our Dog's Breed! Part 1

When Cory and I adopted/rescued Diesel a little over 7 years ago, we were originally told that he was an Australian Shepherd. We immediately knew that was incorrect information, but we had no clue as to what his possible breed could be. One reason for that being- he started out almost completely black as a puppy, and over the years, his color and fur pattern changed. This, of course, prompted us to think that he was a German Shepherd mix, which our vet was pretty quick to agree with.

Diesel as a Puppy

Now, I've always thought that he was mixed with lab and possibly some Golden Retriever, but I never knew for sure (which honestly bothered me). We are constantly being asked what his breed is when we take him out, and we got tired of not knowing. In addition to sheer curiosity, we also wanted to know where he stands with his health. After what we went through last year with Buddy, we wanted to make sure that he was healthy. We also wanted to find out the same info for Luna since we were told that she is a hound, and again I'm pretty sure she's not!

Diesel now! 

My mother-in-law was kind enough to get us two DNA kits, and after a short struggle to swab their cheeks, we sent off their kits and began the anxious period of waiting. After almost a month, we finally had Diesel's confirmed info and we were so surprised by the results, and you might be too!

Diesel's Breed

You guys, Diesel, my big-boy, is 1/4 Lab, and 1/4 Siberian Husky and only 11.4% German Shepherd. We were shocked and still are, we can't believe the results! Siberian Husky never really crossed our minds, but we've always wanted one! When I look at Diesel, I can see the Lab in him, I can see the German Shepherd in him and I can see even some Chow, but the other breeds, not so much, lol! I'm so excited to have this information, and I can't wait until we have Luna's results, so look out for a part 2 hopefully coming soon! 

Have you ever done DNA testing with your pets to find out their real breeds?

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