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CBD Hemp Flower vs Cannabis Flower

Let’s be honest. Understanding the differences between marijuana and hemp can be complex.
It's a topic that’s often improperly explained. Whether you’re just getting into CBD hemp flowers
or you’re new to the CBD world it's important to understand these key differences so that you are
purchasing the right products.  

The CBD market has expanded greatly and has developed into a unique market that’s
independent yet closely related to the cannabis industry.
Websites like https://cheefbotanicals.com/cbd-products/cbd-flower/offer a wide variety of CBD hemp flowers. 

What Is the Difference Between CBD Hemp Flower and Cannabis Flower?

What many people don't know is that Cannabis is a genus of the flowering plants
in the Cannabacae family. The Cannabacae family is made up of three species which
include: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.
Culturally, both hemp and marijuana are considered to be a broad classification of
cannabis. However, this isn't the appropriate term.

To fully understand the differences between hemp and. marijuana let's explore the
meaning of these two terms.

Hemp Explained

Hemp is a term that applies to cannabis varieties that contain less than 0.3 percent
of THC in dry weight. This term was coined by the federal government to describe
non-psychoactive cannabis that is harvested for industrial use and extracted for CBD products.

Marijuana Explained

Marijuana is cannabis that is filled with more than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight and can induce euphoric effects on the user.  The term marijuana was a sentiment used by Mexicans who migrated to the United States. Some people feel that this term is racist. It has now been legalized in many states across the U.S. and as a result, can be purchased online (visit heraldnet.com to find the best websites to purchase it from). 

Why People Are Confused About CBD Hemp Flowers vs Cannabis

As varieties from the same plant, it’s easy to get CBD hemp flowers and cannabis confused.
But because they have contrasting legal regulations and effects you don’t want to get them confused.
When you take a look at the context of hemp and marijuana the main characteristic that sets them
apart is the varying THC levels or the fact that one gets you high and the other doesn’t produce
euphoric effects. 

The differences between hemp flowers and cannabis lie in the composition of the plants.
Both hemp and marijuana can produce high levels of THC. However, hemp flowers don't
produce any more than 0.3 THC while cannabis can contain up to 30% THC. 


CBD hemp flowers and hemp also differ in appearance. Because hemp and marijuana are used
for different purposes. Growers have taken selective breeding measures that have resulted in
both flowers taking on different appearances. Industrial hemp plants are taller and skinnier than
marijuana plants. On the other hand, marijuana is shorter and bushier in appearance. 


Due to the different levels of THC content in the marijuana and hemp plants both plants
are subject to different legal regulations. Although hemp was previously regulated as an
illegal substance under the Controlled Substance Act 1970. However, the Agricultural Improvement
Act of 2018 federally legalized CBD (hemp) and hemp-derived products that have less than
0.3 percent of THC. On the other hand, in most states marijuana is considered to be an illegal
controlled substance under the federal Controlled Substance Act. 


Marijuana and hemp flowers are also cultivated under different conditions which are
expected since they are used for different purposes. Marijuana varieties are bred in
controlled environments that optimize the breed’s characteristics and allows for the
cultivation of female plants and yielding budding flowers. Marijuana harvesters have to
pay attention to marijuana plants condition in each lifecycle, ensure that the same proper
lighting and temperature is maintained at all times. 

Hemp is grown outdoors to maximize its size and yield. Harvesting hemp doesn’t the same
level of control as marijuana. You might be interested in learning more about


Of course, because they're unique composition both hemp and marijuana offer a range of
different usages. THC is a powerful psychoactive agent that binds directly to the CB1 and
CB2 receptors are located in the endocannabinoid system in our brains. Marijuana is
widely known for its recreational use but it also offers a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic

CBD hemp flowers are harvested to create products which include:

CBD products (tinctures, edibles, oils, etc. )
Paper, clothing, and building materials
Hemp flour and cooking oil. 

The terms marijuana and he led have become so ingrained in our culture.
Understanding the differences can be complex but it’s important so that you can avoid
legal complications. 

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