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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- We've Had Enough with the Humdrum

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope that you all had a great week. As I mentioned in last Saturday's post, I've been working on some mini home and mood improvement projects. This week, a few of those mood improvement projects involved making sure we get out of the house more often than we have been. 
Each day I've challenged myself to do something that I wanted to do but didn't want to do. I know that sentence was a little confusing, but I have no doubt that you read it and understood exactly what I meant!

We dropped more donations off to our local goodwill, tossed things were no longer needed/salvageable, went to the post office, went to our local big box store (I refuse to use Instacart for this), made Avon deliveries, and visited with my sister (Jess) and my Gram. 

Today I'm going to drag the entire family out of the house for some fun. We've all been dealing with so many emotions related to the events of the last few months, and while our crew has been doing a pretty great job taking everything in stride and remaining (mostly) positive, we also need a break from our more mundane adventures. I'm hoping to visit Gillette Castle today. Even though the castle itself is closed to visitors, the grounds are beautiful and it's supposed to be a gorgeous day, perfect for a picnic. Plus, visiting is one of our (accidental) yearly summer traditions. This year's visit might look a little different, but I still want it to happen. 

How have your summer traditions changed so far this year? Leave a comment below or on the MBP Facebook Page

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