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My Perfect Summer Playlist-Music to Jam To

I don't think I have ever met someone that didn't like music.  To me, music speaks to my soul.  There are songs that fit every mood I am in and bring me back to places I have missed from my past.  I subscribe to Amazon Music and when I was furloughed this was one thing I refused to give up to save on expenses.  Currently, they have a station that is called My Soundtrack and it is songs based on my listening history both songs and styles.  Some are a blast from the past and some are new songs, I wouldn't normally hear since I have been home.
I, personally, love anything with a good beat.  I love anything that makes me dance, get out of my own head, or simply think about times of yesterday.  My super list is comprised of songs that speak to me.  In the last few months with E being away, being home and not working, and feeling lonely I like to feel motivated.  My perfect summer playlist is both new and old songs that I think boost motivation for myself as well as anyone else that can use it.     

1. Mr, Red White and Blue: Coffey Anderson
2. Until I Collapse: Eminem
3. Champion: Carrie Underwood
4. Man in the Mirror: Michael Jackson
5. Masterpiece: Jessie J
6. Who You Are: Jessie J
7. Hurts So Good: John Mellancamp
8. Broken and Beautiful: Kelly Clarkson
9. Rise Up: Andra Day
10. Good Job: Alicia Keys

What is your go-to for jamming out?  
What songs speak to you?
Introduce me to new music.


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