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Enjoy a truly new experience with trücup, Low Acid Coffee

Thank you to our friends at TruCup for sending me their coffee to try in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Growing up I always thought that I had an iron stomach as I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted with no problems. While I would get the occasional stomach ache, I would normally be fine and could go about my day, business as usual. As I've gotten older, I have started to realize that maybe I don't have an iron stomach and quite possibly have inherited some gallbladder issues like my mom suffers from. In addition to that, about two years ago my husband and I went through the process of IVF, during that time period I developed terrible heartburn and still have it to this day. It, in addition to the possible gallbladder issues, is something that tends to put a damper on me being able to eat and drink certain things, especially if those tend to be on the acidic side, like coffee.

For several months, I gave up coffee altogether in an effort to help curb my terrible heartburn. It was hard to do, but I thought that I really had no other choice. After talking about it with my doctor, he suggested that I look into a lower acid coffee and see if that helps the issue. At that point, I was willing to give anything a try, and knowing that we had a family vacation coming up, I thought it would be the perfect time for my family to try it as well. That's where trücup Low Acid Coffee, comes in to play. After doing some reading about them and their different types of coffee they offer, they were kind enough to send me one of each of their ground coffees. Here's what they sent:

  • Low-Acid, Born To Be Mild-Light Roast Coffee: 
  • Low-Acid, Stuck In The Middle-Medium Roast Coffee
  • Low-Acid, Heart Of Bold Roast Coffee
  • Low-Acid, Dark As Night-French Roast Coffee
  • Low-Acid, You've Got A Blend-Espresso Blend Coffee

*Each coffee comes in Drip, French Press, and Whole Bean and comes in 12oz, 2lb, and 5lb. The Espresso Blend comes in Drip, Espresso, French Press, and Whole Bean. Their single serve comes in Medium, Bold and Dark, in a 48 count, and also comes with options for combo packs. 

Each morning we decided to drink the coffee in roast order, lightest to darkest, and then the espresso would be used when we felt like we needed an extra boost. The first morning we tried the Born to Be Mild-Light Roast Coffee and even though most of us prefer a darker roast, this blend is very nice and full of flavor. I loved that we were able to make it as strong as we liked and the coffee never tasted bitter. That's something that a lot of coffee companies can't say. On our second day, we had the Stuck In The Middle-Medium Roast Coffee, which we all really enjoyed. Again, no bitter coffee taste, no strange after taste, it was rich and smooth which kept me going back for more. 

On the third morning, it was on to Heart of Bold Roast Coffee, which turned out to be both of my parent's favorite blend. As a bold blend, this coffee packs a punch but is so easy to drink. Many people are afraid of drinking bold coffee due to misconceptions of it being too strong or again, bitter, but this was neither of those! My mom who drinks her coffee black said it was one of the best-tasting coffees she has had in a very long time. On the fourth day, it was Dark as Night-French Roast Coffee, which my sister and I agreed was our favorite, which was very surprising to me because I don't typically like French Roast. Usually French Roast has a skunky taste to me, so it's not my first choice when it comes to drinking coffee. trücup's had no skunky taste of scent and was the smoothest tasting coffee I had tried, yet. My sister loves dark roasts, the darker the better and she kept going back for more! 

What my mom and I loved about trücup is neither of us had any stomach or heartburn issues. I couldn't believe it! Not a single cup bothered either of us, from the light roast to the espresso, we were able to enjoy every cup! And, speaking of the espresso, we ended up brewing several pots of this throughout the week and keeping in the fridge for cold coffee after the beach. It was so refreshing to come back from a hot beach day and to grab an ice-cold espresso blend coffee. This would also make for a great blended drink as well, which I am hoping to try in the near future! 

trücup Coffee was the perfect morning addition to our beach vacation. We all enjoyed every cup we drank and I know that it will become a regular staple in our coffee rotation. Since my hubby doesn't drink coffee, I'll be adding their coffee pods to my coffee rotation. trücup, in my opinion, is one of the best coffees on the market, and for me the best option for me to keep the coffee heartburn at bay. I am so grateful to trücup for creating their Low-Acid Coffee and for allowing me to be able to try it. When I was in college I worked in a local coffee shop, I would grind all of the coffee and this was expensive coffee, but trücup, in my opinion, tastes better than that coffee! If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, this is it! If you are looking for a great cup of low-acid coffee, look no further, trücup doesn't disappoint!

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What is your favorite way to drink coffee?  

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  1. This sounds interesting. I would def try it!

  2. I didn't know there was such thing as low acid coffee. I'd love to try it.


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