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5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Moms

Gift-giving isn’t always easy—especially when it comes to baby showers. What gifts does a baby need? The same few items probably come to mind: bottles, diapers, and clothes. 

But what do you buy for a new mom who already has these things on deck?

Whether you’re a parent yourself, or completely clueless about baby showers, here are five unique baby shower gift ideas that will surprise and delight any new mom! 

#1: Portable Changing Station

New moms often feel confined to their home. Packing for a trip with a newborn can feel like preparing to climb Mount Everest. If you want to help a new mom get out of the house with her baby, consider buying her a portable changing station. When folded up, the portable changing station looks like a small, lightweight bag. When unraveled, it provides a clean, padded changing area and pouches for supplies. 

This gift can be used in the car, outdoors, and basically any place that isn’t equipped for diaper changes (which is a lot of places).

What Makes This Gift Unique: Most baby shower gifts are large, bulky, and meant to stay in the home. This will be one of the only gifts a new mom receives that helps her when she’s on-the-go. Just because you have a baby, doesn’t mean you don’t have places to be!

#2: Baby Nasal Aspirator

This one may seem a bit gross—but it’s perfectly functional! When an adult gets a cold, they can simply blow their nose into a tissue. Babies, on the other hand, don’t have that ability. New moms love this gift because it cuts out some of the stress of having a sick baby. A baby nasal aspirator uses gentle suction to clean out the baby’s congested nostrils, allowing for comfortable breathing and less crying and snoring. 

What Makes This Gift Unique: It won’t be the gift they use every day, but when they need it, they really need it. 

#3: Yard Signs

Having your first baby is one of the most exciting moments of your life. People want to celebrate the little one on the way, but with the emergence of COVID-19, making an announcement can be a little more challenging than it has been in the past. 

Thus, yard signs will make any new mom feel appreciated. Photos, artwork, and customized text can all be added, so this gift is perfect for the creative friend who enjoys artistic gifts. 

What Makes This Gift Unique: A customized yard sign is social-distancing-friendly, creative, and unexpected. 

#4: Blackout Blinds

This one really is a gift for mom. Newborns don’t have a normal sleep schedule, which can make getting any sleep a nearly impossible task. Blackout blinds block light from entering the room and help both mom and baby get some shut-eye when needed (and yes, naps are needed).

Blackout blinds are easy to install, affordable, and will help any tired mom sleep with her baby.

What Makes This Gift Unique: While all other gifts will be baby-centered, give a gift that is mom-centered—because moms matter too. 

#5: Bottle Drying Rack

Ditch the classic gift of bottles and opt for a more unique gift that will make the life of any new mom easier—a bottle drying rack. Newborns eat every few hours, and not all new moms have a place to store every bottle necessary. 

A drying rack is the perfect solution to the seemingly endless supply of bottles that need to be cleaned, dried, and ready for action. Whether a new mom is hand-washing or using a dishwasher, the drying rack will keep all the clean bottles in one place.

What Makes This Gift Unique: She’s going to receive a million baby bottles, help her keep them clean and accessible. 

Give Her the Gift of Help

Giving a unique gift won’t just make you look thoughtful (although it doesn’t hurt), it will also help fill in the cracks in a new mom’s hectic routine. If you gift mom a Visa gift card with a customized message and even a photo to elicit a fond memory, her budget, shopping and convenience will thank you! While everyone will be giving her the same types of presents, you will help make her life easier by giving her something nobody else thought of.

Don’t just google “baby gifts” and pick the easiest thing. Give something unique and watch your gift save her precious time—so she can spend more of it relaxing and recharging.

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