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5 Stylish and Comfortable Accessories for New Moms

As a new mom, it can be difficult to find the right clothes to suit your new lifestyle. There are plenty of things that might not fit you while you’ve still got your post-birth baby belly, and some accessories that just won’t work with a little one around—we’re looking at you, dangly earrings. 
The good news is that it’s totally possible to look fab, chic, and stunning as a new mom, even if it means switching up your fashion routine just a little. Let’s take a look at 5 stylish and comfortable accessories perfect for new moms. 

Flats over heels
First, you’ll probably want to ditch all those old heels you used to strut around in—at least for the time being—and pick some comfier, more versatile shoes. For a day around down, running or walking shoes are a wise choice, as you’ll want the extra support while you’re carrying your baby or lugging around a big baby bag. 

For a more elegant look, choose a sensible pair of ballet flats that are every bit as sleek as your favorite heels, but without the aching feet that come along with them. Ballet flats are an especially good options because they can easily be slipped on at a moment’s notice, just in case you need to dash out the door for an appointment and don’t have time to waste putting on socks and sneakers.

Simplify your jewelry
The next area to focus on is your jewelry. It’s a well-known fact that babies are curious, and will happily grab at just about anything that’s dangling off of you. They also have very thin and sensitive skin that can be cut by jagged surfaces. This makes a lot of jewelry dangerous both for yourself and for your baby. 

You have a few options when it comes to sensible, baby-proof jewelry, luckily. Instead of dangling earrings, choose flat studs that can’t be easily grasped by your baby. Instead of wedding or engagement ring with sharp edges, choose instead a trendy exercise wedding band that still proudly proclaims your commitment but without being a risk to the little one. 
You might simply have to forego necklaces until the tyke is a little older. However, watches can still be a great option. 

Smart watches come in handy
Knowing what time it is quickly and easily when you have a baby is essential—but happily, these days, you’re not limited to watches that only tell the time. A smart watch can be an essential accessory for any new mom.

You can use a smart watch to:

Plan appointments and get alerts when they’re getting closer
Answer calls even when your hands are full
Get text alerts while driving without looking at your phone
Receive directions distraction-free

And many more tasks. When you’ve got your hands full of baby, you’ll definitely want the hands-free convenience available through a smart watch. 

Sun hats are a must
If you’re out on the go, chances are that you’ll be under the hot sun some of the time, especially in the spring and summer. Sun hats are extra important for new moms, as they help maintain your complexion even in the face of all the stresses of having a new baby.

Sun hats are also critical because, when you’re carrying your baby, your baby will need shade too. A wide-brimmed sun hat not only keeps harmful UV rays off your face, neck, and shoulders, it also protects the little one’s sensitive and developing skin. 

The right baby bags
Lastly, you should consider what baby bag you’ll want to tote around with you. Baby bags are vital for new moms: they’re basically your new purse, but with added space and compartments for all the things the little one needs. 

The right baby bag should come with features like:

Plenty of space for diapers and baby powder
Compartments for your necessities, like a phone, wallet, and keys
Makeup compartment
Space for toys and snacks

And, of course, your baby bag should look chic and trendy. Many people think that, once you get started having kids, your days of being strikingly beautiful are behind you. With the right accessories, however, that doesn’t have to be the case!

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