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Alternative Fashion Clothing Ideas For All The Family

There are so many trends and fads that go around and around in circles. Somehow they are always evolving and knowing what to wear in order to be in with the times is almost impossible. What drives these trends is beyond the comprehension of most people, so they just wear what they want. However, there have always been a few lines of clothing and fashion styles that never seem to go truly out of the minds of people. Although they may not be popular, it's sure worth the while to look into them as they’re not out of touch either. Check out ThreadCurve.com to know about the history of fashion.

The alternative fashion style was brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds during the 90s. This was when the rebellion period was occurring in pop culture, and mainly the skating scene started to wear this type of style. Cool, and punk, yet loose enough to be worn by anyone, it quickly came into every clothing store on the high street. Soon the style evolved so anyone could wear it and not look so out of place. Dads, moms, and children also have the option of dressing as if you’re fashion-conscious without actually trying too hard.

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Urban casual shoes

First and foremost, the alternative style must be claimed with the skaters. They’re the ones who turned their backs on the vests, shorts, and leather jackets. Flat kicks became the rage in the alternative scene. They were comfortable with a bit of a sports feel, yet the shoes themselves weren’t very expensive. A pair of converses won't go amiss if you put them on with your jeans. Whether you have skinny blue jeans or the kind of loose baggy black jeans that made the shoes popular, anyone can fit right in without making a large effort. A slick, white border pair of vans would be an awesome choice too if you are comfortable wearing baggy trousers. For mothers and fathers who just want to wear a pair of sweats or cargo pants to the grocery store but what a little offset white to punch out, skater pumps give off the impression that you’re not letting your age define you.

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Of course perhaps the most iconic clothing item that has now been made famous all around the world is the hoodie. Little do many people know that hoodies come from the alternative scene, which mixed rock and punk together. Somehow the scene saw it needed to evolve and added a little urban touch, and thus the baggy, comfortable, soft and warm clothing item we all know now as the hoodie came into being. Literally, anyone can wear it and not feel out of place, because it’s such a casual piece of clothing that doesn’t try too hard to be hip or somehow express that you’re following what everybody else is doing. Alternative hoodies usually come in darker clothing or funky skater radical colors. Black is the most popular, and incidentally, this tone is great if you want to look slimmer as it blurs the silhouette of your body shape, allowing you to relax and not be so body image conscious.

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Ripped and baggy jeans

So many pop stars and movie figures wear the ripped jeans, but once again, this started out of the pure alternative scene. Kids were scraping their knees and legs, and suddenly, rips started to form on the jeans. The popular culture deemed these to be what was cool and what turned out to be accidental rips became mainstream fashion. You can actually buy, ripped jeans for children that have all kinds of design variations. Rips feature on the thighs, knees and even the shins. However, don’t get jeans that have been ripped on the back, because this makes the structure of the clothing weaker. However, baggy jeans are great for mothers and fathers who just want to be comfortable, but not go out in just sweats all the time. Baggy jeans again came from the skater culture because when you do tricks on the skateboard, you need more freedom of movement. Grown-ups like handymen and day laborers took on this design and suddenly, it was okay for adults to wear this kind of style too. So don’t be afraid of looking cool in baggy jeans, because the cultures and clothing have crossed borders. However, the jeans usually only look great in lighter shades of denim blue, and black or grey looks out of place.

Unique t-shirts

The alternative fashion clothing made famous the t-shirt prints that we all see today. It was the first scene to incorporate, unique, funny, bizarre and cool designs on a black background t-shirt. For women, men, and children of all ages, companies like GeckoShirts are still making some unique designs but have now started using clear phrases and funny jokes that are family friendly. Great for kids and adults, these kind of t-shirts can be worn with winter and summer jackets. The coloring is also bright and vibrant, as well as the artistic prints of characters and pictures, sharp and crisp. Black t-shirts with prints would go extremely well with the ripped jeans and flat urban shoes as aforementioned. There are some cartoony designs to choose from as well as 15+ designs with a bit of dark humor if that’s your kind of thing. Be adventurous and be open to the alternative t-shirt printing design fashionable clothing scene.

Gothic and innovations

As the alternative scene has evolved further and further into the modern day, gothic fashion has somewhat tried to merge with it. You can now buy t-shirts with black stripes along with bright colors such as pink, green, blues, and reds to suit the mix. Black short sleeve shirts have made their way into the alternative fashion choices of many urban citizens. More so female fashion has benefited the most from this, as synthetic fabrics have been used for the black shirts, which allow for more flexibility, and less chance of the color running in the washing machine. Equally, you might also want to wear thick, black and solid bangles for the wrists. They are good substitutes for the gold and silver bangles and wristbands that are mainly worn in the mainstream cultures. These innovations are great for someone who wants to put in a bit of their own personality and not be conformed to just what is permissible. Evolution has to take some place and time, so you might as well be the one to do it.

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Lady in a black dress

Gothic culture has seamlessly spread into many alternative ideas, and one such item that has forged a new way is the top dress. The torso is made from stretchy materials such as nylon and cotton, while the lower half is just like any other dress with ruffles. It can be worn over jeans as well because the dress itself is loose and made to allow a lot of room for your legs and feet. The length is almost always just below the knees; however, you can get larger versions. This dress is far from traditional or something that the mainstream fashion conscious would try to mix into their wardrobe. But, this is what it’s all about, being different and not following the crowd. The dress doesn’t feature any arms either, so you can feel free to wear a t-shirt underneath. Its urban, casual and yet it’s not streetwear, and nor is it part of the pop culture. If you want to wear something to an event, or festival this if the kind of casual dress that you should look for. It’s also ideal for summer as the material is thin, yet flexible, and air circulation is unquestionable.

Denim jacket

Alternative doesn’t always have to mean black, and nor should you be only left with that option. A denim jacket looks better on mothers than it does with dads. However, far from the light, sky blue that you see in the mainstream, the alternative style denim jacket is a dull blue or deep grey. It’s also longer than the usual jacket and goes just slightly above the waist. The style is a little rougher, and not as flexible or in other words, the starch of the denim is more present in a higher volume. However this is the style that mixes punk and rock together, so you’re bound to feel a little heavier in the jacket. This is also great for the colder months because it’s thick.

The fantastic thing about this kind of fashion sense is that never goes out of style. It sort of hovers quite pleasingly in the middle, and it’s usually referred to as that scene over there. It’s called alternative for a reason. It mixes in the skater culture that loves ripped jean, the punk rock era that loves printed t-shirt designs and denim jackets. It also makes great use to modern influences such as dark black bangles and short sleeve shirts for those who want a little sophistication to pop out of their outfit. The flat shoes and hoodies might have been made famous in the 90s, but they still live on quite happily among the modern fashion styles. In fact, they’re also a safe bet because a lot of mainstream cultures try to adapt them to their styles, but don’t quite pull it off as good as the alternative scene.

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