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5 Small Things that will Bring You Joy

Struggling to find joy right now? You're not alone. The past few months have been chaotic for so many folks, me included. When life is turned upside down, it can be hard to focus on the good, and find joy in simple everyday things. I got used to looking forward to the big things, and losing sight of the small things that contributed to my daily thoughts and feelings of happiness and joy. If being stuck in quarantine has taught me anything, it's to stop taking the simple pleasures in life for granted.

Joy is all around us

There are so many things we can do to find peaceful moments of joy in life. We've compiled a list of five simple things you can do to bring joy back into your life TODAY!

A day hike in the rain is so good for the soul!

Get Outside

While you may not be ready to venture far from home, getting outside to get some fresh air is completely free and easy to do! If you have a porch or stoop, maybe even a balcony that you can step out onto or sit on for a few quiet moments, it will do you a world of good! Breathing fresh air in, taking deep breaths, and soaking up the sunshine will lighten your mood. You're bound to receive Mother Nature's beautiful gift of love and positive energy the more time you spend outside.

Planting a garden which produces beautiful flowers for cutting is an annual ritual for me!

Add plants or fresh flowers to your home

Adding living plants to your home will bring you much happiness! You can purchase houseplants that help clean the air in your home (like snake plants), or succulents, which are easy to care for. Bright and beautiful flowers are instant mood lifters! Plant a garden of flowers for cutting so you can create your own arrangements, or purchase fresh flowers from a local store or farmer's market.


It doesn't have to be a three mile run or 20 mile bike ride to count as exercise! Taking a daily walk is so good for your physical and mental health. If you can't walk outside, there are numerous walking programs which are at various fitness levels, easily found on YouTube. I'm a big fan of Walk at Home for indoor walking. If you're a fan of working out with your kiddos, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a really fun yoga program which take you through stories with some of your favorite characters.

Get lost in a good book or watch a show!

I love getting lost in a world that isn't mine. From watching a reboot of an old favorite like Fuller House to finding a new show like Sweet Magnolias, I have been enjoying just having some time to Netflix and chill late at night. I just started really watching Schitts$ Creek and am loving it! Another favorite: Hollywood Darlings! If you grew up watching Full House, 7th Heaven or Step by Step, you will love this show!

Take a Social Media Break

I know, I know- pot calling the kettle black here, but seriously... our brains need a break! It's way too easy to get onto social media for one thing, and then get absolutely lost, falling down a rabbit hole and wasting hours! TikTok seems to be uber popular, but I've heard lots of stories of folks being on it for hours! What else could we be doing with our time? Reading, walking, creating, etc... sounds a lot better to me than swiping for hours.

What are you finding joy right now?

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Wishing you a joy-filled day!

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