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5 Just Because Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Between caring for the kids, supporting each other through ups and downs, and tackling all that life throws at you together, your husband becomes your greatest teammate. And while you might be grateful for everything they do, we don’t always express that to our partner as often as we’d like. Sometimes it’s nice to show your husband some love and appreciation between the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, with a little gift. 

Whether you’re going through a particularly rough patch in life, they’ve shown you support in achieving an important milestone, or they just always have your back, a meaningful gesture can go a long way in reminding them of your gratitude for standing by your side.

Need some inspiration? When choosing a gift for your husband, keep these things in mind to help you come up with a great idea: 

What are their hobbies?
What’s their favorite way to relax?
Is there something they keep mentioning that they need?
Is there a favorite accessory or gadget showing serious wear?
What kind of treats make him feel special? 
Is he more materialistic or sentimental? 

To help get the wheels turning check out these 5 just become gift ideas for your husband:

#1: Edible Bouquet 
Delivered treats aren’t just for women. And with more options for edible deliveries, you can find something for both the sweet tooth and the savory lover—nuts, meats, and cheeses, and chocolate-covered fruits are just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know they even have bacon bouquets? Send him one to the house or office and he’ll be in for one pleasant surprise that he won’t soon forget.

#2: Watch 
Gold watches for men are a classic gift that never disappoints. Plus, a nice watch is one of the best accessories a man can own. If he’s into vintage style, consider an elegant pocket watch. This is a perfect item that will eventually have sentimental value in the long run. Not only does it help him look nice and put together, but it helps keep time in mind so he’s always punctual. You don’t have to break the bank to get your man a sophisticated-looking watch, there are plenty of affordable watch companies that offer sleek designs. Or, you can also shop sales on high-end watches at your favorite department store and nobody will know the difference.

#3: Massage
Who doesn’t like getting treated to a massage? He’ll be especially grateful if he’s been under a lot of stress, not to mention a massage is just good for his overall health. Find a local massage business with good reviews online and purchase him a gift card for a massage that he can use when it works with his schedule. If you’re on a tight budget, you could also offer to give him one yourself. Set up a peaceful, comfortable area where he can lay down, and don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops like a nice massage oil and aromatherapy.

#4: Bottle of Scotch 
A nice bottle of scotch is a gift that keeps on giving. He can share it with friends during poker night, have a glass on special occasions, or save it for a toast at an upcoming celebration. If your husband isn’t a scotch drinker, the same idea can apply to whatever his go-to beverage is. Order him a high-end bottle of authentic tequila or a red wine from his favorite region, either way, he’ll be thinking of you every time he pours a glass. This also sets you up for future gifts—get a decanter for his birthday, whiskey stones for your anniversary, and so on. 

#5: Date Night for 2 
Often, the romantic surprises are left to our husbands, especially when it comes to planning date nights. Take a turn and plan a special date night for the two of you, featuring an activity or place he loves. Sort out all the details (babysitter, transportation, and itinerary), and don’t tell him where you’re going. He’ll be thrilled to see that you’re at his favorite restaurant, going to see that new movie he wanted to catch, or enjoying a casual night out at the batting cages.

Whatever you decide on for your just because gift, he’ll surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture as a reminder of your love and appreciation. You can even add a card or gift message to your present for a romantic message that will really drive your point home.

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