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What To Get The Husband Who Has Everything?

If you never know what to get your husband, you’re certainly not alone. After all, what do you buy a man who seems to have everything? When it comes to buying for women, it’s a breeze – cosmetics, shoes, clothes, jewelry… any of those would be gratefully received.

Guys always seem to buy themselves anything they really want, and that leaves us struggling to think of anything out of the ordinary to give them on the occasion of their birthday or any other celebration. With that in mind, we asked some men what they’d like to receive as a surprise and collected all the ideas into a super-simple buying guide. We’ve broken it up into some easy sections so you can make the right choice for the man in your life.

The DIY Fan

Does the man in your life love nothing more than working on a project in his workshop? If so, here are some great ideas for him:

A wood vise – whatever type of small project your man likes to work on, a wood vise will be the perfect addition to his workshop. Holding the wood completely still whether he’s sculpting it, painting it or fixing it to something, it’s the ideal gift for the DIY fanatic.

A pocket plane – no, not an airplane! If your man is a keen woodworker, he’ll love a pocket-sized wood plane which can be taken anywhere he needs to go to smooth wood and touch up the finish on his next project. Its small size won’t take off too much wood but it will leave a professional finish.

A welding jacket – if your man is a keen metalworker, he’s probably into welding. You know how important it is for him to stay safe while on the job, and a welding jacket is great for additional protection when he’s working on his next project.

The Tech Fiend

If the man in your life just can’t manage without the latest technology at his fingertips, here are some gifts for him:

A pair of wireless earbuds – whether he likes to watch movies on his smartphone in bed or whether he goes jogging, wireless earbuds are perfect.

A portable charger – does the man in your life always seem to be running out of power for his iPod or phone while he’s on the go? A portable charger will resolve all his problems.

A novelty flash drive – he’s probably always saving photos and music, so give him a convenient place to save them with a novelty memory stick that comes in a cool shape that suits his style.

The Outdoors Type

If he loves getting out in the great outdoors, here are some fantastic gifts for him:

A fire starter – which guy doesn’t love to play with fire? A fire start will be perfect for those campouts and impromptu campfires on the beach.

Grill tools – if the man in your life wants to barbecue come rain or shine, a set of grill tools will really hit the spot for his next birthday.

A multi-tool -whether he’s going fishing, camping or hiking, he’s going to love a multi-tool. It can literally do everything from cutting through the undergrowth to opening a bottle of beer. Which guy could ask for more?

An LED lantern – whether he’s heading off under canvas or just likes to be prepared in the event of an emergency, an LED lantern is sure to be a good buy for the man in your life.

The Peter Pan

If the man in your life still hasn’t grown up, here are some brilliant gift options for him:

Remote control airplane – the man in your life, no matter how old or young, is definitely going to love flying his own plane.

LEGO – who doesn’t love building with LEGOs?

A drone – which guy wouldn’t love his own drone? Even if you can only afford a small one, it’s still a lot of fun to play within the backyard.

So, there you have it – some brilliant gifts for the man in your life who seems to have everything. Whether he’s sporty, geeky, or just hasn’t grown up yet, he’s going to love something on this list.

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