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3 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Summer vacation is the highlight of every child's year. From the free time to the family trips, there's a lot that kids look forward to before going back to school in September.

But as any parent knows, even the most resourceful kids struggle to entertain themselves in the long summer months. So how can you help them keep boredom at bay?

Whether your kids want to let their hair down or enjoy some quiet time, we've put together a list of activities that are sure to keep them busy this summer.

1) Turn Your Home Into A Science Lab

Is your child a future scientist? Why not help them pick out some age-appropriate science experiment kits to learn about the world from the comfort of your home?

Whether they're a chemist or a budding biologist, there are hundreds of kits available online. Butterfly gardens, beginners' microscopes, chemistry sets - you're spoilt for choice!

Studies have found that children can lose up to a month of academic progress while at home during the vacations. This is known as 'summer learning loss', and particularly affects children's math and science skills - so a science kit is a great way to give your kids a head start for the new semester. They'll have so much fun they won't even realize they're learning!

2) Organize A Family Sports Day

It can be easy to let healthy habits slide during the school vacation, especially towards the end of the summer. When your kids get used to spending the summer on their own schedule (and indoors), it can be hard to find family past-times that everyone will enjoy.

The solution? Organize a family sports day. Ask your children which competitions they'd like to include and turn your backyard into a stadium for the afternoon. You can even invite over your friends and extended family to boost the number of entrants and ensure there will be lots of cheers from the crowd!

Whether you want to provide prizes for the winners, or simply teach your kids that it's teamwork that counts, a sports day is an excellent way to have fun as a family without having to spend a cent. Fun games to include are:

  • Homemade obstacle course
  • Treasure hunt
  • Jump rope races
  • Four-square
  • Pool races
  • Relay races (you can use all sorts of everyday objects as a baton)

3) Plan A 'Staycation'


Nothing beats a relaxing vacation, but if you're skipping the annual trip this year, then it might be time to arrange the next best thing - a staycation. Whether you've arranged a trip away or not, a staycation is a great way to liven up those long days spent in your hometown. And the added bonus? You can plan it all a few days!

Let your child choose a city, state, or country that interests them, then set aside a day (or evening) to explore it together. From taking a virtual tour on Google Maps to sampling a selection of authentic dishes, there are loads of ways to learn more about other countries without having to step foot on an airplane.

Whether you pick Prague, Pennsylvania, or Poland, a staycation will help teach your kids about the importance of different cultures. It might even give you inspiration for your next actual vacation too!

Open The Doors to Their Imagination

While all of these activities are educational, they're supposed to be fun. Your kids might not always know what to do with their time, so they'll resort to an iPad all afternoon or re-runs of their favorite show.

Instead, prove to them that a little brain power leads to a day of fun and adventure. With these three ways to keep your kids busy over the vacation, your family will be able to spend time together while learning a load of valuable skills!

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