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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Squeezing In Some Normalcy

Happy Saturday, friends! We have slowly (oh so very slowly) been working on introducing regular activities back into our daily routine. We've begun visiting family members again, which has been so so wonderful. We've also been to 2 stores (and I went to the library) which proved to be a little overwhelming because things are so different than the last time we got to visit (before corona) and I am really not prepared to be around so many people while trying to adapt to the new rules stores have in place to try to keep everyone safe. 

Definitely, our favorite "regular activity" is visiting Gram. It was so great to get to start visiting her again after months of staying away to make sure she stayed safe!

Yesterday, I got to visit the library for the first time in months. The new protocol is that you place a request for items online, they call when your items are ready, and you set an appointment to pick them up. I was so excited to be there, and it was nice to have the things I requested waiting for me to pick up. Aside from the staff, it seemed nobody else was there, and that was a little unsettling, but I enjoyed the quiet time. 

We also went to Dollar General yesterday. I was NOT ready to be there. The store is great, I love almost everything about it, except for the narrow aisles. So many people seemed to have the same idea to go shopping there yesterday and since we have been staying so close to home, just the 4 of us, I was not ready for the "crowd". 

Slowly, but surely, I know that things will return to "normal". I'm going to continue to squeeze in as many regular activities into our routine as I can. I'm starting to get an idea of what people who live as recluses may feel like, and I'm not so sure I like it. 

What kinds of activities have you been enjoying now that things are starting to go "back to normal"? How are you adjusting? Sound off in the comments.

Have a splendid Saturday!



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