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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Moderate Makeover: Girls' Bedroom 2020 Edition

Happy Saturday, friends! It looks like it's a bit of a deja vu or history repeating itself sort of weekend since the girls are once again spending the night with their grandparents so that Matt and I can spend some time revamping their bedroom. 

It's been nearly 6 years since the last bedroom revamp happened, and R was just about to transition from her crib to a bed.  We ended up getting both girls a Kura bed from Ikea, which we used as both a loft and a traditional bed. Now, since both girls are a bit bigger, but we still aren't able to give them their own rooms, we are upgrading them to new beds and looking to buy a Kallax shelf (from Ikea, of course) to serve as a low wall/room divider. 


I love the room in this video, which is what actually inspired me to check out the Kallax for our girls' room. I spent hours one night searching for ideas for their small bedroom to make it so that they have a little more of their own space and some privacy. I saw this video and everything about this room made me smile. I think the girls would love these colors in their room, but a paint update is going to have to wait for the time being. Today's goal is to pass on the old beds, put up the new beds, and add the shelf as a sort of low "wall". 

After all the excitement of getting the room together, we'll be heading down to pick up the girls and to celebrate Father's Day a little early with a dinner with Matt's folks. I can hardly wait for the girls to see their new setup, so I guess I should stop typing and get to work on it! 

Do you have any home improvement projects in your future? I'd love to hear about them so be sure to leave some comments. I could always use some new ideas and inspiration! 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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