Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Moderate Makeover; Girls' Bedroom Edition

Hooray Hooray it's Saturday. I'm not going to lie, I am deeply outside of my comfort zone right now. Last night Matt's parents picked up both of our girls for the night so that we could spend time revamping their bedroom! I am excited about the bedroom part, but this is the first time that both girls have spent the night away and while I am sure they are having a blast with Grandma and Grandpa (and their cousins from Virginia), I miss them like crazy. Last night I was a mess. It was nice going to the bathroom alone and to have uninterrupted conversations (both in person and over the phone), and I know I should have taken the opportunity to just relax, but I don't think I actually know how to.

Getting Ready to Head Out the Door! 

Today is FINALLY the big day we are getting things done in the girls' room, and that will distract me for a little while. Reese is still in a crib, but we are going to get bunk beds since we will eventually have to transition to them and we were gifted an extra twin mattress. The real question is, which bunk beds? We like 2 different sets.

Cute, Simple, and Will Work in the Space

Also Cute, Simple, and Will Work in the Space. 

I really feel like the second one, which is the Kura from Ikea (and the same one Ondria talked about here), will be the better choice because there are so many "hacks" available to customize it. I really like the idea of using the space underneath as a fort or reading nook.

How Cute is This? Mattress on Top!

Obviously, if we make the bottom into some kind of magical space, we cannot use it as a bunk bed though, so we will need a second one for Reese. The good thing is that these beds are reversible, so Reese would not be on the "top" or anything.

Flipped to the Other Side- Mattress on "Bottom".

We have decisions to make quickly. Not only because I really want to get this project done, but I really cannot wait to pick up the girls. I miss their faces and my mornings just aren't the same without their snuggles. I'm definitely having withdrawals. 


  1. I really love the last picture. I guess that way would cut down on space in the room rather than having the mattresses on top, but the light canopy is just precious!

  2. We love our KURA bed from IKEA that we bought for B! I can't wait to be able to flip it over and use the loft and space underneath! GREAT choice! Hope the girls love their new beds!


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