Wordless Wednesdays: New Big Boy Bed!

We'd been noticing over the past few weeks, that B was in the middle of another growth spurt. Lately, he seems to have one of those every six weeks! He's growing so tall, so quickly, we can barely keep him clothed for a season. We knew that he was no longer sleeping comfortably in his toddler bed, as he was almost as long as the bed was. For weeks, we looked at beds, trying to make a decision as to what to buy for him. We had been looking at the Kura Reversible from Ikea, and finally decided to just go ahead and get it while B was staying with his grandma last Saturday, and give him a big surprise to come home to!

The bed wasn't all that fun to put together, but we did it in a little over an hour...

This bed can be flipped upsidedown and converted into a loft bed with play space underneath, or it can be converted into a bunk.

When B got home that evening, he was so surprised! He couldn't wait to get into his pj's and test it out!

Reading in his new bed...

We didn't have to move anything in his room, but one bookshelf, which was relocated to an opposite wall.

Almost bedtime!

We were also able to place a small 3M hook on the back of the top frame of the bed, to hold up his little play tent. What kid doesn't want a tent over their bed? We can quickly and easily remove the tent when we want or need to.

B, chillin' out in his bed tent...

We've only had this new bed for B since Saturday, and he's really been sleeping well in it. It's so nice for me to be able to lie down with him in his bed to read stories, instead of us having to lie down in mommy and daddy's bed. It's making bedtime a much more enjoyable and sweet experience for all of us, and he's sleeping through the night in his own bed, not winding up in bed with us!

The Kura bed from Ikea is pretty cool, and there are a ton of cool 'hacks' or ideas I saw on Pinterest as to what you can do to make the bed unique. We may try one... or we might just leave the bed alone, because it's pretty cool just the way it is.

What was your childhood bed like?

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  1. Hi I know this post is a little old. I actually just purchased this bed today from Ikea and was wondering what kind of bed rail you have there? I found other ones but they seem much higher and the one you have their looks just right. Thank you in advance


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