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Benefits of Having Water Filter Systems

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Without access to clean water, our daily lives would be much harder. We drink it, but we need water to maintain hygiene, clean rooms, cook, and more. The liquid of life from the tap is one of the benefits of the modern world. Let's be honest; not anyone today would bother and look for alternative ways to supply their household with this fluid of vital importance.

Still, the harsh reality is that city water is everything but pure and fresh. Its technical soundness is checked continuously. But it does not make it entirely safe for use. Without a proper filtration system, one cannot know what kind of contaminants we have brought into ourselves.
Today, there are various types of purifiers and filtration systems. Depending on our needs, we'll know how much money to set aside for these portable filters or devices to install for our households. Whole house filter systems require a lot of initial investment. Still, with regular maintenance, a home water filter will bring us significant savings. And that's not the only advantage this system has.

Filtration Increases H2O Quality

Water is circulating, and this is a well-known fact. In big cities, the used H2O is always coming back. Of course, it goes through a process of re-purification, adding chlorine, and disinfection. These remove a large number of harmful substances and dirt from it.
Even though chlorine does help to fight pathogens, disinfectants form a vast number of new chemicals. The vast majority of them are dangerous to human health. Also, these agents give the H2O a strange flavor (sometimes water has a 'metallic' or 'earthy' taste). And some compounds, such as sulfur, give a rather unpleasant smell to this precious liquid (like a rotten egg).
The use of filters removes heavy metals. Purification softens the water we use. Also, the filtration maintains the best pH of the H2O, thus preserving the pipe system. If this value is greater than 7, the water is hard. It can form deposits of scale. Values ​​of pH below 7 mean higher acidity. It means that water can damage the pipes it passes through. In both situations, failures can occur that will hit our budget.

 We Protect the Environment

The mere fact is that two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with the liquid of life. But only a meager percentage of that amount is good for drinking. Those who have access to this resource are lucky. Global pollution is very high, and unfortunately, it significantly affects the quality of H2O.
It is the habit of consumer societies to buy bottled water in large quantities. On the one hand, it is absolutely safe to use, even enriched with vitamins and minerals. Still, the problem is the plastic packaging. Why this is a global problem, read on this page.
Households successfully solve the problem of plastic waste by not accumulating it. In some parts of the world, people are aware of the importance of recycling is widespread. But the majority still don't have this habit. The installation of a whole house filtration system allows us to have the required amount of purified water at all times. So there is no need to use bottled H2O.

Clean H2O Is Good for Appliances

We can see the difference between hard and soft water while doing housework. H2O abundant in hard metals shortens the working life of household appliances. In a dishwasher and washing machine, corrosion and scale will build-up over time and reduce their efficiency. 
Also, heavy metals will create permanent stains on tiles and floors, as well as deposits in pipelines. Clogged pipes will decrease the heat flow, which means that the whole HVAC system will be less efficient. That can only increase the heating bill.

Health Prevention

A few glasses of tap water cannot harm us. But if we use it every day, and even if we bathe with it and use it to prepare meals, we are consciously at risk. In the water, whether from the city supply or private well, there can be a huge number of pathogens. They are the cause of many diseases. 
Sometimes these pathogens can cause minor digestive problems, such as diarrhea or stomach cramps. But due to prolonged bacterial exposure, more serious infectious diseases such as diphtheria and hepatitis can occur. Some pathogens from untreated H2O can even stimulate the development of malignant cells.
When we know that the water we drink and use is clean, we can relax. A system that supplies the whole house with good H2O protects us from the current but also possible contamination. The water we use can become dirty after storms, pipe bursting somewhere in the system, waste spills from nearby factories, etc.

The Savings Are Real

When we have purified H2O at home, the savings are multiple. We have already explained that bottled water is unnecessary when we install the filtration systems. Also, the whole house filter system preserves installations and pipelines. 
Apart from this, using a home filter means that we will not need things such as laundry softeners, pills for washing dishes in hard water, or anything like that. We will need much less detergent and soap. Modern filtration systems soften H2O, enhancing the performance of cleaning agents we use for body, clothes, or dishes. 
Below is the list of detergent alternatives, in case of the lack of this cleansing agent:
Soapy residues that stay on floors, tiles, and shower can really bust our nerves. The same deposits remain on our skin, as untreated H2O can’t remove them all. Soft water thoroughly removes any soap residue from all surfaces.

H2O is really a liquid that means life. No wonder why it is one of the most sought-after resources. Without it, our world would not be the same. If each of us, to the best of our ability, contributes to improving the environment, we may someday have higher supplies of this precious fluid. Until then, we can rely on whole house filtration systems.

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