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Acts of Kindness May Contain Wine, and I'm Just Fine with That

One of the latest great things in my life has a lot to do with blessing others, and a lot to do with wine, too! I recently stumbled across a group on Facebook, Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine CAROLINAS, and was intrigued by the name, so I decided to check it out. Upon clicking for more info on the group, I discovered that a group of wine fairies exists for the sole purpose of spreading kindness and joy to other women in NC. What fun!

I love wine, and wine related goodies, so I couldn't resist joining this group of wine-loving sisters located all over North Carolina. Upon joining the group and agreeing to the rules, members put in their addresses and likes/dislikes related to wine in a spreadsheet, and other ladies in the group may pick and choose who to surprise with a wine gift!

My first wine fairy gift!

The day after I joined this amazing group, I was visited by the wine fairy for the first time! An anonymous gal left a sweet wine basket on my doorstep. It was such a fun experience to receive such a sweet gift- a basket filled with a bottle of wine, a wine glass, snacks, note pads and stickers, etc. My kids were so excited about the snacks! I was super excited about the wine!

More goodies from yet another sweet wine fairy!

After spending most of the day with my in-laws on Sunday, our family came home to find not one, but two more wine gifts left by wine fairies on our front porch! It was so amazing to come home to these surprise gifts after a long day. This particular gift bag had a sweet summer theme to it, and was filled with cute goodies like flip-flops, a tea towel, pineapple luggage tag, flamingo balloon, snacks, crisp moscato, and cute little fairy wings!

More gifts from yet another wine fairy in my area!

Another wine gift bag contained a bottle of sweet red wine and a cute little fairy wand! The fairies must know that we have family vacay coming up, and they are stocking us up with essentials! 

Our front door camera has captured video of the gifts being dropped off, so it's been fun to see the dash to the door and back to the car when the fairies have dropped by our house.

The state-wide chapter of this fun group is so much fun, that a friend and neighbor asked me to help her admin a local wine fairy group strictly for our county. We quickly set the group up yesterday, and are getting it off the ground this week.

While it's so amazingly fun to receive these gifts from random wine fairies, it's even more fun to earn your own wine fairy wings! I can't wait to put together some wine bags and baskets this week, and deliver them to random ladies around my area. I know that blessing someone else will bring me so much joy, and will be a lot of fun for the wine goodies recipients.

Want to join in the fun?

Look for Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Carolinas on Facebook to join the NC/SC group.
You can also search FB for a Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine group near you!

Would you join a local group like this? Why or why not? 

Drop me a comment below or connect with me over on MBP social media:
@mommysblockparty on Facebook
@mommysblckparty on Twitter and IG.

Here's to all of the fairies who are out there spreading cheer and earning their wings!

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