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A Different Kind of Vacation After Lock Down

Are you taking a vacation this summer? One of the things I first wondered about after we were initially ordered to stay at home in March, was whether or not we' be able to take a family vacation this summer. Typically, we take a family beach vacation every summer, and this summer, the sight of the ocean has never been more needed or appreciated. While we knew we wanted to get away after months of not being able to leave our homes, our family wanted to make sure we stayed safe and healthy while on vacation.

My hubby and kiddos had planned on taking a two week trip up to Chicago, over to Michigan, up through Canada, over to Niagra Falls, down through New Jersey to visit family, and back home to North Carolina. With all of the lock downs, closures, and outbreaks of COVID cases, we thought it best to put the trip on hold until the summer of 2021. Instead, we opted for a week of family fun at our favorite coastal city- Oak Island, NC.

Staying as a family in a private home made more sense to us than renting a condo. Being able to remain distanced from others was very important to us, so we have mainly been enjoying our time in the beach house by cooking meals together, playing games. Folks on the beach are being respectful, watching one another and respecting each others' space. We've been able to set up our beach tent for several hours and 'stay in our lane' while picnicing for lunch, splashing in the ocean, or relaxing and listening to music.

We did venture to North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for a family dinner. We kept our masks on, and tried our best to keep to ourselves. The restaurant we visited had masked servers and employees, and our experience was quite enjoyable. The rest of the week will be spent doing much of the same- relaxing on the beach, and hanging out together at the beach house.

While we miss being able to shop and eat out a little bit more this summer, we're so thankful for the opportunity to get away. A chance of scenery was sorely needed, and we've received the best gift of all, which has been the opportunity to spend time together as a family.

While summer vacation 2020 looks a lot different from previous summer vacations, we're making the most of it!

Will you be taking a vacation this summer? If so, what types of vacation plans do you have?

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Enjoy your day!

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