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We're Just Winging It, and That's Okay

We've made it to another Friday, and today marks the beginning of a new month. The month of May is usually one that I really look forward to. Typically, the iffy weather in April has passed, and we really get into the feel of a summery vibe here in the Carolinas. My husband teaches college courses, so he's winding down for the semester, with just one week of classes left before summer break. One he's finished with school for the semester, our family's countdown to summer break is officially on.

The start of May marks the last few weeks of school for my kids. We usually have a very full calendar in May, often filled up with end of the year activities such as performances, class parties, brunches, Field Day, and much more. Mother's Day activities get caught up in the middle of the month, and the best gift of all for me, is counting down to the last day of school pick up/drop off, and the last evening I have to pack a school lunch.

How different it all is this year!

End of the year history project: Babe Ruth

This year, we're winding down these last few weeks of the school year at home. We should have been gathering at school to watch our third graders perform their biography project monologues, but instead, they rehearsed them at home, we used what we could find around the house for a costume, and we videotaped their monologues and submitted them via e-mail to be shared on the class Facebook page. No celebration, no end of the year field trip or big class party- yet.

Some days, we sleep until 8 am. Some nights, I'm up until midnight, and my husband plays a video game until 2 am. Our house is mostly clean, meals are being made and eaten, and no one complains about the selection. I stay in my pajamas as long as I want to, or get back into them as early as I want to... last night, it was 6 pm. Judgement-free zone here, friends. A strict shower-in-the-morning person all of my adult life, I am now finding simple pleasure in showering whenever I feel like it. I promise- I'm still showering daily.

My sweet babies, cuddling before bedtime.

While the lock-down has us mildly concerned about what work and school, and yes- even finances will look like for our family when fall rolls around, I'm taking pleasure in knowing that I have this 'down time' to re-connect with my family. Some mornings, we get a late start... and that's okay. Some nights, we pile into bed together and snuggle until 9 pm... and that's okay. I wouldn't get moments like this without being flexible, and downright winging it.

I'm not sure what our plans are for today... or tomorrow. There is no vacation to plan, no pool membership to purchase, and no summer activity or camp schedule to put on my Google calendar. I sure do have a lot of extra room in my life for family right now, though... and that's something I hope won't end anytime soon.

Are you sticking with a schedule during stay at home mandates? Are you winging it, like we are?

Drop me a comment & let me know what you're up to. I'd love to hear from you.

Stay safe & be blessed,

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