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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Gearing Up for a Nice 3-Day Weekend

Happy Saturday, friends! Even though all the days have been blending together, I still appreciate a nice long weekend. This weekend is extra special because it seems like the weather will be cooperative for at least two of the three days and it's our last long weekend of this school year. 

We have been distance learning since the middle of March and school doesn't end here until June 17th! That means that Memorial Day is our last holiday of the school year. Some parts of our state reopened this past Wednesday, but we are still planning to exercise caution and only visit places where we will be safe. We have a drive-in theater about an hour away from us, and believe it or not, we still haven't been there! I'm hoping to check it out this weekend, especially since they are playing one of my favorite '80s movies, The Goonies!

I'm also looking forward to some barbecue foods! Since we just did burgers and hot dogs after finally assembling Matt's griddle station last weekend, I think we'll test out chicken this weekend. I've got some great seasonings from The Spice Lab that would work perfectly with chicken on the grill (well, in our case griddle) and I'm excited for any chance to cook outside and keep the mess in the kitchen to a minimum. 

Maybe we'll get some yard work done this weekend as well. My goal is to set up an oasis of sorts, for us to enjoy our yard more than we typically do. I keep finding all of these wonderful ideas online, but I'm hesitant to start any project when Matt is at work because I'm just not that handy past the coming up with the ideas stage. 

I'd love to hear what your plans are for this Memorial Day weekend. Will you be celebrating this Memorial Day much differently than you usually do? 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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