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Spice Up the Holiday Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life with Seasoning Collections from The Spice Lab! #MBPHGG19

Thank you to The Spice Lab for providing me with the products for this review. All thoughts shared below are my own!

 I am a self-proclaimed "foodie" and to me, the holidays have always meant enjoying some of your favorite foods with people that you love. I've cooked favorite dishes during the holidays and I've gifted ingredients and recipes for some of our favorite meals and treats to loved ones. This year, I'll be spicing up both my favorite dishes and holiday gifts for the foodies in my life with seasoning collections from The Spice Lab

When the opportunity to introduce our audience to The Spice Lab presented itself, I kind of jumped right on the opportunity. We were sent both the Barbecue Seasoning Collection and the Mediterranean Seasoning Collection for reviewing purposes and let me just tell you, I'm beyond excited to be using all of these amazing spice blends, not only for the holidays, but every day!

The Mediterranean Seasonings Collection included 4 jars of seasonings:
1- Mediterranean Citrus: dill and bright citrus notes, perfect for chicken, fish, or vegetables
2- French Onion + Garlic: multipurpose seasoning
3- Spicy Italian Sun-Dried Tomato: versatile blend with chiles and sundried tomatoes
4-  Sicilian Blend: multipurpose Italian seasoning with a touch of extra heat
(3 and 4 are my favorites from this collection)

The Barbecue Seasonings Collection also included 4 jars of seasonings:
1- Bad to the Bone: savory and sweet with a touch of lemon for ribs, steak, and chicken
2- Sweet Rib Rub: sweet and smoky blend that works great with beef, pork, or chicken
3- Smoky Pecan: mild blend of sweet pecan smoke and savory flavors
4- Ancho Chili and Coffee Rub: sweet and smoky mix of Poblano peppers, coffee, and other spices
(# 4 is my favorite from the collection)

The seasoning sets were neatly and carefully packaged and when the boxes were opened, the aroma was pleasant and, to be honest, made my stomach growl and my imagination go a little wild trying to come up with plans to incorporate any one of the spices into that night's dinner! 

I love that there was some paperwork included that told me a little more about the company, their other offerings (including their all-natural sugar and salt drink rimmers), and introducing their "Chef-in-Residences", Fiona Tam Kennedy. Little extras like this always leave me feeling a bit more excited about the products I'm checking out and sharing with our readers. 

I really appreciate that The Spice Lab started off with a homemade Christmas gift in 2009 and has grown to become one of the world's premier suppliers of seas salts and seasoning blends. Their products are processed and packaged in their HACCP certified manufacturing facility in Pompano Beach, FL. I'm pleased to share this company with you and to have them featured in the 

Want it?  Get it!
Head over to The Spice Lab website to see everything they have to offer, for the holidays and every day. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  

Special thanks to our friends at The Spice Lab for allowing me to share our experience with these amazing spice collections with our readers.  I enjoyed getting to work with you!

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