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More About The Differences Between Medical, Relaxation And Sport Massages

Since more individuals start considering massage therapy, they are sometimes confused as to which type of massage they must get. For many people, the idea of massage is generally what they see in movies or on television. Some gain information from family or friends who have undergone massage therapy. The usual types of massages that comes to mind is either a Swedish massage to a traditional Western massage with long, gliding movements or warm-up massage before sports, which is also referred to as a rub-down, where the sports trainer practices rapid, choppy strokes to prepare an athlete for an event.
While these perceptions are not inaccurate, there are more choices at your disposal for therapeutic bodywork. There are more than hundred techniques and variations. However, most of them fall into a few primary categories like Asian massage, Western or Eastern massage. And although some falls within the massage industry, they are more a form of physical therapy.
Relaxation Massage
Relaxation massage falls either within the Eastern or Western massage techniques. Often, a combination of the two is used. Most massage techniques utilized at resorts, cruise ships, spas and practitioners either work solo or for larger agencies and are for relaxation purposes. Whether the therapist is using kneading strokes, long, gliding ones or stretches and pressure pints, the aim is to reduce stress and promote relaxation. These sessions typically last from half an hour to two hours, however, most commonly, an hour. 
Medical Massage
Medical massages involve techniques from Western and Eastern styles;however, the length of the session and the aim differ. With medical massages, the objective is usually restorative or rehabilitative. Check out the Cardiotech website for equipment rentals. An individual might have a prescription from a physician for massage therapy to assist speedy recovery after an injury like a strain or sprain. Additional expertise and knowledge in the field of pathology is generally required, since the therapist must know what conditions are contraindicated, and what techniques are safe to use for the different ailments or conditions. These massage sessions are typically short and lasts fifteen minutes, and in certain instances, they are covered by medical insurance. If you were involved in an accident consult with your injury lawyer about whether you’re covered by insurance or accident laws.
Sports Massage
A sports massage can be overlapping with a medical massage. Massage therapists often deal with various clients from weekend warriors to professional athletes alike. Techniques entail those required for warm-ups, cool-downs, and rehabilitation from injuries. Most of the techniques utilized originate from the Western massage field of bodywork and might include techniques alike those that are used for physical therapy. These sessions might also be as short as fifteen minutes.

In most instance, the initial massage appointment may involve a basic relaxation massage, unless you specifically ask for something else. Feel confident to ask the massage therapist questions, or if you have specific pains, aches, or illnesses, be sure to let them know. A massage therapist is trained to provide you with specialized techniques that will provide you with a tailor-made massage according to your needs.

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