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Labradorite: An Overview Of The Unique Magical Gemstone

Labradorite is a gemstone that has become the favorite of crystal enthusiasts. Turning a piece of gem around displays reds, yellows, blues, purples, and flashes of light. Apart from the rare beauty, it displays, there are many other things to discover about it. Read on to understand more. 

Labradorite is from the plagioclase series and is feldspar. This stone is predominantly found in Canada and is the only one that displays the properties of Labradorescence very strongly. Due to that, it displays a slew of colors. It is a mixture of aluminum, silicon, sodium, and calcium. There are many types of Labradorite available like the Spectrolite, Andesine (also called Red Labradorite), Sunstone, and Rainbow moonstone.

Cut and Clarity
There are three categories of clarity in gemstones with a few variations within each category. 
Transparent Gemstones as the name suggests allows light through it unobstructedly and hence you can see through them. 
Translucent Gemstones allow some amount of light through them but you cannot clearly see through it. 
Opaque Gemstones do not allow any light through it and you can see nothing through it. 
Labradorite is an opaque gemstone though it can give the feel that it belongs to all the above 3 categories. This stone is usually cut in round or domed shapes so that it can capture the play of color. 

Labradorite’s Chakra Association
As per Ayurveda, the charas is energy centers in the body. There are 7 chakras in the body and each one is associated with a color and influences physical, mental, or emotional state. When these chakras become blocked or imbalanced it leads to many mental, emotional, and physical issues and has to realign. Cleansing stones are believed to be effective in cleansing and realigning them. A particular colored stone for an individual chakra is used, for example, red stone for the Root Chakra, yellow for the solar plexus, and so on. Labradorite which is in a range of blue is considered to be effective for the Third Eye Chakra. Gem experts suggest the use of this gemstone if you are unsure of your judgment or unable to make decisions. It is also suggested for use when you have more negative energy and are unable to pursue your dreams. 

Spiritual Meaning of Labradorite
The Labradorite is considered as a transformational gemstone and is of great help to those who are going through changes in life. As per experts from Claremills.com the benefits of using this stone go beyond love, peace, or prosperity. It gives an out of the world experience. Some of the other benefits of using Labradorite are:

Transforms the Mind: This gemstone which looks like an artifact from ancient times can help you to aspire for better things. It not only keeps you grounded but also gives you a clear view of what you truly desire and hence gives you a chance to achieve your dreams and get what you desire. 

Increases Mindfulness: The stone has many properties that can transform your mind, body, and soul. Helping to bring awareness about the environment you live in, Labradorite also teaches you how to react to feelings and situations. The intrinsic value of the gem is such that it helps you live and love every moment of your life. 

Calms the Mind: The mix of green and blue light that the Labradorite displays is ethereal. Due to this unique visual appearance, it can be used for meditation. It helps to transcend to the level of consciousness the spiritual guide wants you to achieve. The shimmery light also has the ability to soothe your mind. With a calm mind, you can resolve problems or become more optimistic. 

Helps Succeed and Achieve your Dreams: Making changes in life is not easy. There is great stress in life when you have a broken relationship, lost your job, changing career, or starting something new in life. To restart or to commit something needs great strength and perseverance to succeed and the Labradorite gives you that strength. 

Health Benefits: There is folklore that suggests that labradorite can aid in digestion. There is also a belief that it reduces the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and brain disorders.

What Jewelry can be made from it?
Labradorite has a hardness rating between 6 and 6.5 and hence can be used to make most types of jewelry. There are many unique and large Labradorite gemstones that come in fancy shapes and can be used to make artisan jewelry. But if you are using it to make jewelry like bracelets, earrings, rings, etc that are exposed to rough handling, then proper care has to be taken. It is ideal for making earrings or pendants. 

Labradorite is a gemstone that is magical and if not for its spiritual value you should get hold of it for its aesthetic properties. Labradorite has to be seen to believe, you can become a head-turner without much effort!

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