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Keep Her Feet Toasty This Mother's Day With A Pedipocket Blanket #MBPMomsDay20

Thanks to Pedipocket for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

Growing up, I remember hearing my mom ask my dad to cover up her feet as he would walk by her recliner. Her feet were always chilly and the throw blanket she was using did not sufficiently cover her feet. 

I only wish I would have known about Pedipocket sooner! I would give every lady in my family one of these amazingly soft blankets.

However, first dibs simply must go to my awesome mom this Mother's Day. Even in my adult life, I notice her trying to cover up her feet and keep warm. Apparently, she is not the only one! Pedipocket saw a need and created a beautiful product to fill that need.

I love that Pedipocket was founded by a Christian family that took a leap of faith! They realized that most throw blankets either cover your shoulders OR your feet, but rarely both. Thus, Pedipocket blankets were created. 

There are 21 color choices and 3 different sizes ranging from child to XXL. The prices range from $49.99 - $89.99 depending on the size you choose. Check out some of these beautiful options:

Perfect Paisley $59.99
Product details:
50” x 70”
20” foot pocket
Plush fleece with a velvet feel
Machine washable and dryer friendly

Kidz Cool Camo $49.99
Product details:  
40" X 50"
15”  deep foot pocket
Plush fleece with a velvet feel
Machine washable and dryer friendly

This blanket is unbelievably soft. I thought I had some pretty soft blankets in my home until I opened up the box, unwrapped the packaging and felt my new Pedipocket blanket! I let me son feel it and he immediately fell in love. I guess I will be buying both of my boys their very own blankets at their next birthday! This blanket is sure to become a staple in every household. You do not need that huge basket of mediocre blankets in the corner of your living room. You only need the Pedipocket blanket.

 Get it right and get it once is what my husband likes to say. I think once each person in my family has their very own blanket, everyone will be very happy. My tall hubby will love the XXL blanket!

I think my dog might be jealous of how warm my feet are. The pockets are perfectly deep and cover up every inch of my feet!

If you're wanting to spoil mom this month, keep her toes toasty and grab a beautiful blanket from Pedipocket. It is the perfect gift and you're going to love her reaction when she feels just how soft the fabric truly is. 

Want It? Get It!

Is there someone in your family that would love this blanket? Let me know in the comments below! Also, be sure to visit Pedipocket on Facebook and Instagram so that you can stay connected on all the latest. 

Thanks so much to our sweet friends at Pedipocket for partnering with Mommy's Block Party this Mother's Day. 


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