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Jane.com has the Perfect Gifts for the Special Mom in Your Life #MBPMOMSDAY20

Thanks to Jane.com for providing me with a gift code to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

Mom... when I think about this word, so many faces come floating into view. First off, I am a mom to two adorable kids who love to give me a run for my money. They're my reason, my everything. I have a beautiful mom, and a beautiful mother-in-law, both of them so amazingly wonderful and special to me in different and also similar ways. My sister is the most amazing aunt to my kids- she loves them and treats them as if they were her own. I'm blessed to have a sister-in-law who is aunt to my kids, and also made me an aunt to her kids. My two grandmothers helped raise me throughout my life, influencing me in so many wonderful ways. My aunts (and great aunts) also all had hands-on influence, as did some of my cousins. I have grandmothers-in-law who love me and treat me as their own granddaughter. There are also those moms who have been there for me throughout my life, and my mom friends- the girls in my tribe, for whom I am so very thankful.
My point? Moms take on many different forms. In fact, there's really a mom inside each of us- taking on so many different roles, wearing different hats, and loving others so hard, simply because we care.

While Mother's Day can be a wonderful celebration, it can be an equally hard day for those who have lost their moms, those who long to be mothers, mothers who have lost children, and more. My goal is to always show thanks and appreciation for the 'moms' in my life- whatever package they are so beautifully wrapped up in.

Image credit- Jane.com

Since the world looks a little different this spring, we're celebrating moms all month long on Mommy's Block Party. I've been a bit distracted from typical celebrations during our time spent at home these past few weeks, and Mother's Day sort of crept up rather quickly. In the midst of juggling working from home, managing schoolwork and deadlines, moving into a new house, and trying to keep my family safe and healthy, I've turned to one of my absolute favorite places to shop for Mother's Day gifts online - Jane.com.

Jane is a fantastic online shopping destination for anyone and everyone who loves boutiques, and loves great deals. Jane features daily deals from your favorite boutiques, such as home decor, women's clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and apparel for kids, and even cool deals for the guys!

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the special mom in your life, Jane is the perfect place to look! Not only will you be able to find a truly unique gift, you'll also snag it for an unbeatable price!

I had a budget of $75.00, and went hunting on Jane for awesome gifts for mom. Since all moms are different, I was so excited to see such fabulous suggestions for gifts in Jane's Mother's Day section. I love that Jane makes it easier than ever to shop by category so I can find exactly what I'm looking for.

Home Decor & More

This mom loves home decor, and since we just moved into our new home about two months ago, we're finally finishing up unpacking and can now focus on decorating. Farmhouse decor is extremely popular right now (thanks, Jo!), so I couldn't pass up this beautiful painted and wood framed farmhouse wall sign. Typically, signs like this one run upwards of $50.00 or more. This gorgeous hand-painted, and personalized wall sign was just $24.95 on Jane, sold by So Kali.

I was able to personalize this wall print for my family, so ours will feature a 'W', with 'Witt' underneath, and Est. 2007, the year my husband and I were married. Not only will it be a gorgeous piece of modern farmhouse decor in our home, it'll serve as a reminder of the love that bonds our families. Any mom would be absolutely thrilled to receive such a lovely gift.

The Perfect Dress

Every Mother's Day, I like to wear a dress. Sometime's it's casual, and others, a little dressier. No matter the style, any dress I wear has to be comfortable. A soft and simple t-shirt dress with a fun summer pattern is a great choice for Mother's Day. Not only is is versatile for a day of brunching or grilling out with the family, it's perfect to tuck into a bag for vacations. 

These wrinkle-free gorgeous summer dresses are a steal over on Jane.com! At just $14.99 each, you can treat mom to one of each design, and there are four to choose from, and two different styles of dresses, too! This particular deal is offered and sold by Mary Square. I can't wait to slip into this stylish dress for summertime!

Comfy and Cute Mom Shirts

If there's one thing I've realized during our recent time of staying home, it's that I don't have nearly enough comfy t-shirts. I literally own three or four tees, so this year for Mother's Day, I told my hubby that I definitely needed a tee or two. Jane.com is always a go-to for cute tees. I love looking through the t-shirt deals, because there are always so many clever ones to choose from, at great prices to boot!

I usually steer away from 'mom tees,' but I've really been embracing all things motherhood these past couple of months. There's a true bond between moms that often remains unspoken, and I think it's so much easier to find your tribe if you're true to yourself and just sort of put it all out there.

 I adore the 'To Be Honest' tee. It's so true, and I even wrote a blog post last week that expressly talked about how we're all just winging it as parents these days.
There are lots of adorable and very real mom tees available year round at Jane.com. The MAMA tee I chose was just $16.99, from Limeberry Tees.

Don't Forget the Accessories!

If there's one thing I haven't bought for myself in quite a while, it's jewelry! I'm sort of an addict when it come to clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. I just can't help it- I love fashion so much! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to fancy-it-up, and knows that jewelry is a perfect go-to gift for me. I would venture to say that there are lots of moms out there who would love to receive a few modern jewelry pieces for Mother's Day.

Jane.com is a great place to browse and shop for the latest in jewelry. Trending styles are readily available, and you can find deals on pieces anywhere from just a few dollars on up.

The Wood Bead Tassel Necklace was an easy choice- it's beautiful, versatile, fun, colorful, and the price was absolutely right on this one! Where else can you find such a trendy boutique necklace for $6.99!?

When it comes to earrings, it's time to bust out the color! I've been wearing gold, black, animal print, and silver all winter, so I am absolutely ready to add color back into my spring and summer wardrobe.

I fell in love while these beautiful Moroccan Earrings, sold by Pink Ever After. Just $6.99 per pair means that you can grab several different styles and you'll be set for summer! I loved all of the designs, but wound up choosing the Watercolor set to work in with my summer blue tops.

Want them? Get them!

Any or all of the above mentioned products would be perfectly sweet Mother's Day gifts for any mom out there! Shopping online at Jane.com is so easy! I signed up for an account so I could keep track of my favorites while I browsed. It also makes it easier to check-out, and completing my order was ultra-easy with PayPal. Of course, you can shop and check out as a guest and with your preferred method of payment.

Each vendor/seller on Jane.com does ship items themselves- the items do not ship from Jane. Just be aware that you will pay individual shipping fees for each vendor you choose to order from, and shipment/delivery times will be different per item.

An alternative gift which would be just as awesome as any of the gift ideas I mentioned, would be a Jane.com gift card! Gift cards are always a simple win- this way, the recipient can choose whatever they like!

Deals change daily over at Jane.com, so be sure to check back after 9 am each day to see what's new!

Be sure to follow Jane.com on social media for the latest deals & news!

You can also download the Very Jane App and shop directly through the App on your phone or favorite device!

Have you ever shopped Jane.com? Tell us some of your favorite items to shop for!

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