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How does sharing your stories with other people affect your growth?

A writer becomes famous only when they share their work with the audience and develops successful anonymous blog. Unless and until someone reads the manuscript and appreciates the work, the writer may not be at peace. Also, what is the purpose of writing something when you do not want to share it with anybody at all? Also, when you share your stories with other people, it helps you to become a better person. You would be exposed to a lot of other people that are experienced in the industry, and these people can help you in correcting the errors as well. 

Also, no one who writes would want to keep their writings to themselves unless they have really written things only for their reference. However, one must know that even before the work is published and has a copyright, it is not recommended to share the manuscript with everyone as there are a lot of chances of people misusing it.
Along with this, if you are writing stories for online channels, it is important to ask the editors and the publishers to acknowledge your work by giving the full credits to you through by line. At times, there are also a lot of other benefits that one can achieve when they share their stories with others. This article has largely paid attention to covering those unknown aspects. So, as you read through the article, you would be able to clearly understand as to how does share your stories with other people affect your growth.
  1. You would become more courageous.
Keeping your stories to yourself would make you start feeling low. Unless and until you share it with someone else, you would not know the kind of writing you have done. We must all understand that anything that we develop would certainly become our favorite piece of work. However, if you want to sell it and earn some reputation, you got to sell it. To sell a piece of writing, you need to be courageous, and you would start developing it when you once start sharing your stories with others.  
  1. Boosts self-confidence
After you have finished one particular write-up, you proceed to share it with a large group of people. There could be a combination of feedback received on the piece of write-up developed. You would be left with no choice but, even accept the criticism and the negative feedback received on the work. This, in turn, would make you start becoming more realistic, and your self-confidence would increase.
  1. Criticism makes you stronger.
To become stronger, you must face the criticism, and this would start helping you to come up with a lot of work that you would have never thought of developing. Also, there could be a lot of genuine writers who would be going through your write-up, and their criticism would definitely help you to go a long way.

  1. Research mode on
Also, when you share your write-up, people would start offering their suggestions and opinions along with feedback. This would help you to work more. Also, instead of looking for something shallow, you would start researching things. So, when you share stories, you would be guided for better research, and this would again result in a better piece of writings, and it would also help you in promoting an anonymous blog.
  1. Easy to come up with solutions 
When you are stuck somewhere in between while writing a piece of write-up, sharing it with some makes it extremely easy for you to come up with solutions. When you speak to people, you will exchange a lot of ideas and thoughts. These thoughts would help you to find a solution to the problem that you are facing while writing your story. This is one of the most important things that would happen positively when you share your stories with others.
  1. Connection with relevant people
When you start sharing stories with others, there are a lot of chances that you strike with a person who can turn the tables around. Yes, you may even meet up with an editor who would readily accept to publish your work; hence, your chances of gaining publicity and becoming a successful writer would be possible. Also, you would be able to monetize your anonymous blog. 

Well, these are some of the major things that would possibly happen when you start sharing your stories with others for your growth. When you write stories, you would want to share the write-up with your known group because you care for their feedback. Also, some of the people from your group might already be published writers, and they can always turn out to be helpful for you. So, if you are already following these things once you develop a story, it is brilliant. Else, you may try using these techniques to have a positive growth as a writer.

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