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Bathroom Remodellng Tips To Create A Hotel Bathroom Vibe

The world’s best hotels and resorts hire the best interior designers to enhance the experience for their guests. In the process, they spend tons of money on creating a room that is not just comfortable but inviting and stylish. The same holds true for their bathrooms too. These bathrooms have some of the latest and the most sophisticated fittings creating a chic vibe. If you are looking for inspiration for your bathroom remodeling, there is no better place to get ideas than these properties. Here are some of the ideas, which can be used in your bathroom to create a bathroom vibe.

The surface plays an important role in the overall look and feel of the bathroom. So leading hotels invest quite a lot of money on the flooring. Some of the popular flooring options are quartz, marble, granite, and porcelain. But, these are expensive and hence not all homeowners can afford these. As an economic yet effective replacement for these materials, acrylic can be used for a chic look. Additionally, these acrylic materials are durable, won’t chip or peel or discolor. So you get a great looking bathroom with less maintenance. For various acrylic options such as dimensions and color, you can check at cutmyplastic.co.uk.

Changing the Layout
A 5-star hotel bathroom feels luxurious as the space is well-utilized, well planned, and is free from clutter. According to https://www.trifection.net/custom-bathroom-remodeling/ custom remodeling will deliver luxury and improved functionality. Hence custom remodeling experts understand that it is important to plan and utilize the space properly. Even a cramped bathroom space can be made spacious. They might use one or all of these options, like converting a tub to shower or vice-versa, adding partitions, moving the vanity, etc to create more space. 

Accent walls are the most effective way to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom. Hotel rooms use these accent walls effectively, which adds interesting detail and depth to the bathroom. Natural materials like wood, rock, etc are used in hotels but these are expensive. However, there are many products that are a blend of natural and durable fibers, that look alike and less expensive also.  

Lighting is another factor that adds to the decor of the bathroom. 5-star hotel bathrooms often use a closet light that automatically turns on and off when the door is opened and closed. Make the space more airy and bright by lighting the place, the more natural light the better.  While remodeling the bathroom, you can even plan for huge windows to bring in that natural light.  Overhead lights at vanity, bathtub, wall sconces, and a makeup mirror with lights, are some worth mentioning. It has dimmer control on all the light switches. Incorporate these ideas into your bathroom as well. 

Apart from the walls, floor, and ceiling the most important feature in any bathroom is the shower. A premium shower is an important feature in the 5-star hotel’s bathroom. These have high-pressure showerheads so that it spews out water wonderfully and therapeutically. You can also upgrade your shower by using a rainfall showerhead or a double showerhead to get the same feel. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, include a personal touch by adding your favorite color scheme, or a painting so that it gives a feeling of personal space. 

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