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Scaly Hands? How to Make Your Hands Soft

With constant handwashing my hands have become so dry and scaly I am beginning to think I am part reptile.  The lotion I have is just not doing the trick and I know I cannot be the only one.  So I searched around for home remedies that can help heal my hands and I wanted to share with you.
I am trying to do my part and stay in the house to protect those around me so having the ingredients for making my hands soft is very important.  The best part of the home remedies I have found is that I already have the ingredients in the house.

What you will need
1. Sugar and olive oil
2. Eggs and honey

3. Coffee Grounds

Option 1 is taking sugar and olive oil.  You want to use this as a scrub and wash as you normally wash your hands.  Rinse with warm water until the sugar particles are off your hands.

Option 2-  Mix honey and eggs creating a paste with them.  Soak your hands in the mixture for 10 minutes and wash off.  

Option 3- Take used coffee grounds and rub thoroughly on your hands.  Rinse with warm water until the grounds are off your hands.

Any of these options take away the dead skin from overwashing and leave your hand incredibly soft.  Follow up with lotions such as oatmeal-based, collagen enhanced, or honey-based.  These help to keep your hands smooth through constant washing. 

What home remedies can you recommend?
Which one will you try to heal your scaly hands?
Share your comments and thoughts with us!



  1. I've been having problems with dry hands because of increased handwashing too. These home remedies sound very promising!

  2. I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands. Thank you so much for these tips!


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