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Mom's Day Off-What Would It Look Like?

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Here we all are, in the midst of a pandemic. Plans are canceled, our daily routines have been totally disrupted, and we are all swimming in the sea of the unknown. Whether you are settling into a new routine at home or still working, the emotions are running high. Let's be honest about our feelings and be able to process them. Let us also allow ourselves to dream, dream about what we will get to do on the other side of this horrible situation.
Mom's Day Off. What is that? I kid, I kid, but honestly, there have been only a few days in the last 4.5 years that I have had "off." I'm not complaining, only stating. These were for special occasions where I forced myself to go and leave the boys and Jon at home. Yes, I'm attached to my kids. Yes, I think it's probably a little healthier to get out sometimes to keep my own mental, emotional, and physical health in tact.

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That being said, I've been thinking about my "dream day off." I don't have one ideal day, but rather some events that would be possibilities for that day off: 
  • Coffee: first, coffee at a little shop where I can't really take the kids is a must. I love coffee, I love coffee shops, and it is something I rarely do anymore.
Here are some options for my day off: 
  • Have a meal with a friend: I rarely get together with friends sans kids. This has been on my "to-do" list for a long time and I'm terrible at making the plans. 
  • Go shopping: I'd love to update my style and my wardrobe. With the boys in tow, I try to shop quickly and efficiently instead of actually enjoying it. 
  • Get a mani/pedi: I find them so relaxing and refreshing especially in the warmer months. This is not something I usually spend money on so it would be a treat.
  • Complete a project around the house: I'm a Virgo and I love to work. The work brings me satisfaction so any project I can't do with the boys around would be a big win. Maybe painting a room to freshen it up!
  • Get a massage: This is one of those things that I would splurge on. I love a good massage.
  • Shop for home decor: We have been in our house for awhile and I still haven't fully decorated it how I would like. Once again, with the boys in tow, I don't shop for fun necessarily. 
I'm more of a do-er rather than someone who likes to sit and relax. I find it difficult sometimes. 

What would your day off look like? 

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